Cakes are the expression of happiness, joy, and above all celebrations. Birthdays being one of those celebrations have no place for the excuses of calories. Well, how does your cake look makes it even crave more? When it comes to picking up the cake for a birthday boy, we might start juggling from the ideas of regular cakes. Don’t you think that the appearance of their birthday cake needs to be upgraded? What can be better than a car-themed birthday cake for a boy? Cars are something for which boys go nuts. So, let us have a look at the list of themes for your car enthusiast lad.

  1. Vintage Cars

You might have heard of a phrase that “Old is gold”. Well, that’s absolutely something we must agree upon as the vintage and antiques have marked their inevitable presence since the times of yore. You can give the cake a form of any vintage car be it a Shelby Cobra or Rolls-Royce Phantom from 1928. This car theme would be the perfect showstopper for the party.

  1. Modern Racing Cars

A racing car is the dream car of every boy, then why not consider when thinking about a car-themed cake? From the long list of racing cars pick the coolest one and give it a form of scrumptious cake. Hanging the black and white flag would give the party room look of a speedway track. Decorating the room in a theme would make the party livelier.

  1. The Lightning McQueen

The journey of loving cars of every boy has begun with the Lightning McQueen from “Cars”.  This car would make a perfect way to the party table. Your young boy will love the theme of cake covered with red and yellow color. Addition to the delights is never too much; you can set up a separate car-themed dessert table for boosting up the party.

  1. Hot Wheels Cars

Be effortless while choosing the best theme by considering a hot wheels car for a birthday cake. You can make the party more exciting and happening by matching up with the cake theme. From decorating the walls to the party table everything would look so perfect.

  1. Retro Racing Car

Here comes the combination of two favorites in the list, the retro and a racing car. Lotus Cortina from the 60s, a high-performance racing car consistently dropped the jaws of viewers when it was on the track. Getting a lotus Cortina cake prepared would be one of the best options you can choose for catching the sights of guests.

  1. Flames Cars

Another theme in the list is suitable for your fierce lad. A cake with the fondant of orange and yellow flames on a car model would look crazy! It is surely worth to be considered.

  1. His Favorite Car

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to a car. For a birthday boy, nothing would be more eye-catchy than seeing his favorite car on a table. If you do not want to make a personal choice, then go by getting his favorite prepared. You will succeed in bringing the smile on his face without any fail.

Now you might have to spin the wheel for choosing from the aforementioned list of spectacular car ideas as all of them would be surely loved by the birthday boy. While you must be busy looking at the decorations, keep it easy from one side by going for an online cake delivery service.