Pet cremation urns are gaining popularity in the UK and USA.  As the funeral business is growing rapidly, many pet owner are considering to give their pets best send off.

As per official research reports, almost a quarter of the UK’s pet owners either have organised funeral services for their pets already or would consider doing it one day.

Britain alone have more than 50 pet cemeteries across , with services reaching up to £399 for private cremations and even more for burials.

There are two major factors which are contributing to the rise of pet urns in the last couple of years :-

1) The fact that more and more Baby Boomers become “empty-nesters”, which is a premise for them to own a pet as a way to receive companionship and nurturing.

The second largest generation group, the millennials are a pet owners, as well. The combination of rising pet ownership and the humanisation of their care boosts the pet cremation industry.

2)Second biggest factor is the increasing demand for pet death care services is the growing affirmation of grief as a natural reaction to loss.

Without  a doubt the pet cremation industry is booming both in the US and UK and if you take an example, almost 20% of US funeral homes are now offering pet cremation services when compare to just 11% in the UK.

One more important point is that in Britain as many as 10,000 pet cremation is done yearly , where as in the USA its huge, around 6,00,000 per year.

Now, as far as the cost is concerned it depends upon from one funeral home to another. Usually the average price for cremating a cat is GBP 45 and cremating large dogs are GBP 185  and this price does not include any other service or products such as urns and jars to store pet ashes.

Now if you want to know how much time for cremating a cat or dog ? Usually cremating a cat takes around 2 hrs when compare to 3 hrs with dogs of any sizes.