What they are and how to get your name on them

Everybody likes comparing themselves with others, especially if they end up beating the other. For others, just getting their name onto the ranking boards is enough. In RuneScape, there’s something called the ‘HiScores’. It’s a ranking of all the players who’ve reached certain milestones, and how they relate to other players. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ranking for how much RuneScape gold you have.

Here’s how to get your name onto the HiScores, for each category.


The player must reach a certain skill level or gain a set number of experience points in a skill. A minimum level of 15 is needed for the player’s name to appear on the list. 11,848XP is needed to qualify for the ‘Overall – All-Time’ rankings. 1,000XP must be earned in the relevant period for the monthly or weekly rankings.

The account needs to be currently active, with no bans or locks on it. If one of the HiScore owners does get those sanctions, their names disappear from the rankings. Fortunately, when the ban is lifted their name returns on the record.

They must also be an active player, as those who leave their accounts inactive for too long will have their names removed. Mod accounts don’t appear in the HiScores, but if they have a personal account, that’s the one that can appear.

Free-to-play accounts may appear on the rankings if they’ve logged in after March 31, 2014. On that day, there was an update that allows for that kind of account to appear on the table.


Clans have different mechanics, in that it shows all the clans registered at the Clan Camp. From there, viewers of the scores can sort and organize the clans in all sorts of ways. Here are the categories:

  • Skill levels
  • Experience gained for any skill
  • Levels
  • Experience gained after joining the clan
  • Combat Levels
  • Players killed in the Wilderness after joining the clan
  • Number of clan members deaths since joining the clan
  • Number of players
  • Number of Rated Clan Wars points
  • Kill/Death ratio of the clan

The first seven categories sum up all its members’ stats for that category. For example, it would total all the members’ levels for skill levels, levels, and combat levels. All the members contribute to that number. It can be an easy marker to the general levels of players accepted in the clan.

There’s no special method to get into these HiScores, just create or join a clan and it would be there.


All you need to do is get 500 points from doing achievements to get your name on this list. Of course, the more points you get the higher you climb, so keep on doing those achievements for more points.


These HiScores would be available only for the event or activity they’re covering. The conditions for joining these rankings would depend on the event. It’s also a competition, meaning getting and keeping rank 1 is more important here than in other categories.

Those who win these HiScores get a Crown of Supremacy that becomes a Crown of Legends later. They also get a title related to the competition they won and an emote. Past competitions include being the fastest to kill a certain boss, killing insane amounts of an ordinary mob, or how many herbs were grown. It really depends on the event.

Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen

They have their own HiScores where applicable (see next section), but accounts running these modes can have their names appear in the normal set of scores as well.

Ironman Firsts

Though not a HiScore, in-game firsts are recorded for the Ironman and Hardcore Ironman modes. These are usually the first to 99 a skill, first to 120, and first to get 2m XP on several skills. These are one-time achievements that may be seen in Edgeville, though it wouldn’t be a complete list.


It basically depends on the activity, as they’re scored differently from one another. For some of them, you can do only one and your name would appear in the list. Others need you to exert more effort, especially for PvP-oriented ones. You can check the wiki or other related pages to check.


The RuneScape page for these HiScores now has a compare function. You can type in your character name and then your friend’s (or enemy’s) character name. Press ‘Go’ and the page will pull up the relevant information for you to compare. It could be a good tool to see how a RuneScape account for sale holds up to others.


HiScores can be a good goal to reach for, but it’s always easier said than done. There are millions of other players wanting to be on those rankings as well. It can be hard to climb over all of them to the top. Still, having a goal is better than having none, so keep at it and you’ll eventually see your name on the list.

Have fun playing RuneScape 3, whether you’re skilling, bossing, or just farming RuneScape gold!