Samsung Electronics Ltd. has announced the launch of the AirDresser in the UK, a ground-breaking solution to some of clothing care’s most wearing problems.

The AirDresser is a new and efficient method of caring for clothes, keeping them refreshed and revitalised without washing. As it prolongs the period between washes, less stress is put on fabrics, particularly delicate materials. And with the growing trend of people choosing to invest in sustainable, higher-quality garments that will cause less damage to the environment, the AirDresser ensures that garments will last for longer.

The product offers several features that have been built with gentle care for clothes in mind. The AirDresser has a bespoke Jet Air system and three Air Hangers that freshen clothes by using powerful jets of air to loosen and remove engrained dust, even from deep within the fabric. It also uses Jet Steam, which sanitises garments gently to remove bacteria, and its Heatpump Drying provides delicate care for clothes by drying them at a low temperature, reducing any worries of shrinkage and heat damage.

The AirDresser also captures and removes odours from your garments using its Deodorising Filter. The filter also ensures no odours are left behind!

Available in a Crystal Mirror colour, the AirDresser resembles a stylish, contemporary wardrobe that fits seamlessly into any home, and as it is fitted with a water tank, there is no need for it to be plumbed in.

The AirDresser is available to purchase from Thursday 23rd January for RRP £1,999 from and Harrods.