In light of the upcoming General Election, Schools North East wants to ensure that the critical issue facing the North East region and our schools are not forgotten. As such we are launching our Manifesto for North East Education – key recommendations for all political parties and policymakers, from North East Schools.

The North East is often seen to be behind other regions in national measures and outcomes, and there is a pervasive narrative of a ‘North – South’ divide. These measures and this narrative do not take into account the long term high impact disadvantage our schools and students face. Our Manifesto for North East Education will tackle the myth that our schools and students perform worse than elsewhere, and asks politicians and policy makers to take our specific regional context properly into account.

The recommendations in the Manifesto have been drawn up in line with direct feedback from Schools North East’s 1,150 member schools and key stakeholders from across the education sector. The recommendations cover a range of vital issues, to ensure that the education sector in the North East does not continue to be left behind.

Chris Zarraga, Director of Schools North East said ‘It is vital, going into the Election and beyond, that national politics recognises the specific context of the North East region and does not allow this to continue to fall off the radar. For too long the specific circumstances of our region have not been adequately understood or reflected in policy. This Manifesto is the start of an ongoing piece of work to ensure that education policy and its impact on the North East is based on solid foundations, and moreover that specific policies work to resolve the challenges our region actually faces rather than the ones policymakers sometimes assume it does.’

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