The rule of law is what makes a civilized society. For a group of people to coexist in a shared space, they need rules to dictate what is deemed an appropriate social behavior, and deviating from these rules becomes a violation that requires retribution. As a general concept, laws don’t need to be written. However, under democratic rule, for a law or a punishment to be legitimate, they need to pass through democratic channels and exist in writing. We often misunderestimate the power of law in our lives, here’s why it’s significant. 

It Covers Every Aspect of Our Lives  

Law governs every aspect of our lives, and every area of life is governed by a specific branch of the law. Civil Rights Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, and Property Law,  regulate the relationships bestrewn family members, including marriage, divorce, custody over children, and more. However, the first branch that immediately comes to mind when you say ‘law’ is criminal law. Criminal law covers criminal offenses that are of all shapes and kinds, including crimes of violence like assault, battery, homicide, and sexual assaults. There are also crimes of substance dealing, theft, robbery, drunken driving, arson, defamation, damage to property, and the list goes on 

It Helps Punish the Crime

The idea of imposing punishments on individuals who break the law is not only that lawbreakers pay for their mistakes, but that the knowledge that actions would have undesirable consequences serves as a deterrent for others to not violate the law for fear of facing the punishment. This means that more severe crimes require stronger deterrence. That is also why the punishment is increased when the offense is paired with aggravating circumstances. 


These are factors and circumstances that result increase the severity of the criminal act because it worsens the criminal’s position due to its higher level of criminality. Mick Mickelsen of Broden & Mickelsen ( says that any sexual act done to an elderly person without their consent is considered aggravated sexual assault. This shows that despite all sexual assaults are punishable crimes, to commit such offense against weaker, more helpless victims, requires a harsher sentence

It Provides Justice for all 

The role of law in a society isn’t just to protect individuals and entities from each other, but to protect them both against the system itself. It takes a delicate balance to avoid slipping into injustice while pursuing justice. That is why applying the law is limited to a very specific group of public servants, and even they cannot carry out punishment without following the proper line of action prescribed by law. It is also why, no matter how serious an offense is, every member of society is entitled by law to have strong and proper representation and defense.

It doesn’t matter if the whole society is made of saints and angels, without retribution for faults, it would be impossible to maintain order and peace. Responsibility for one’s actions is what creates a harmonious community, and that is the role of the law. It helps establish a world that is civilized.