NORTH EAST entrepreneur, Sir Graham Wylie, is planning to burn up this August – in a bid to fund raise for his Foundation.

Sir Graham has pledged to burn up a staggering 12,000 calories – the equivalent of running five marathons – by daily sessions at Speedflex, a gym which uses a unique high intensity training system.

And now he is hoping that he will be sponsored to hit his personal target, with the aim of raising £10,000 for special projects in the region.

Sir Graham completed a similar challenge to burn 10,000 calories a year ago and raised around £30,000 but he’s decided to up the anti and try and hit 12k this time round -which is equal to running a staggering 131 miles.

The charity founder will be taking part in a daily session, where he estimated he can lose between 300-400 calories at Speedflex in Jesmond, using the innovative system which is suitable for people of all ages and at all fitness levels.

He will be starting his challenge on 1 August – the first day Speedflex opens its doors again after lockdown – and is also hoping other people might join him.

“It’s been a very hard time for charities who have all suffered during lockdown,” said Sir Graham.

“And I really wanted to do something that would be a personal challenge but also would help the Foundation to support some special projects in the region.

“I’m all set to do half an hour every day, with perhaps a couple of sessions at weekends, just to make sure that I reach my goal.”

Anyone who wants to join the challenge themselves and isn’t already a member of Speedflex can take advantage of a special six week membership package which gives them unlimited access to the gyms.

Alternatively anyone can support the fund raising at

For further information about Speedflex visit