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Small business SEO – Useful suggestions to rank a website on Google

The pandemic outbreak has changed our reality! A post-COVID-19 world will be very different in comparison to a pre-COVID-19 one. The pandemic crisis has altered the habits and behavior of many. Today, Google searchers have maximized as people are willing to buy everything online.

That is the reason why SEO is a tool that every small business should use. And if you are not using SEO for your small business, you allow your competitors to win. Today, SEO is not an expense. Instead, it is an investment and an important one. To know more, you can check out

Do you want your small business website to rank better on Google? If yes, here are a few essential guidelines that you can use.

  1. Create a professional, mobile-friendly website

Your website needs to be professional and should offer a rich feel and experience to the brand users. Here are some of the essential hacks to make your website SEO-friendly and professional.

Several business owners spend excess money in developing a small business website. However, you don’t need to spend so much extra on a site. Today, it’s possible to create a professional website for less than $500. Hence, don’t waste cash on website design. Instead, use it on your SEO initiatives.

  1. Recognize profitable keywords

Your SEO campaign success will depend on targeted keywords. Hence, you should select profitable and correct keywords for a small business. Not every keyword is equal; few have an increased search volume but lack profitability and vice versa. It is essential to take the correct judgment call here. It would help if you also concentrated on long-tail keywords as they are more profitable than short keywords and easier to rank.

The keyword’s profitability depends on the keyword nature. And for this, you have to get a correct idea about the keyword intent. Therefore, it is essential to know why a user is searching with a specific keyword.

  1. A separate page for every product

Most small businesses showcase their products on a single page, akin to a homepage. It’s not a good practice. Do you wish to garner more profit from local SEO initiatives? If yes, you need to have a different page for every product. It will help you to rank high for every product page for various keywords.

  1. Make use of schema

The structured data helps Google to understand web pages better.That’s the reason why it can enable you to rank better and obtain the benefit of other SERP features such as knowledge graphs and featured snippets. The product schema, FAQ, local business, and others should use schema types for all businesses.

  1. Optimize for voice and “near me” searches

Close to one-third of most searchers are the local “near me” searches. Hence, it’s essential to optimize the website for local searchers. Also, a majority of such searches are voice searches. That means you need to optimize the site for both.

Small businesses might have the challenge to carry on their business during this time. However, the SEO guidelines mentioned above can bring better results.

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