We’ve just become an accredited channel partner of Nominet for domain registrations. To achieve this we’re required to adhere to strict guidelines and policies, and thanks to our recent investiment we are now able to offer a lot more…

Following on from our upgrade we’re pleased to announce that we’re now accredited channel partner of Nominet. What does this mean?

  • Free domain transfers from other suppliers
  • Discounted co.uk/uk and many more registrations
  • Offers and discounts
  • Higher standard we have to follow
  • More security for your domain

To attain accredited status we have to comply to strict rules about redundancy and support, this was only doable thanks to our recent investment. Our new systems are fully redundant, our support team can work from anywhere, our systems are secured behind physical firewalls and software firewalls (in fact did you know there are 6 levels of protection between you and the outside world).

To gain this certification we have to follow strict guideline including;
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Data Quality
  • Customer Services Standards

Thanks to our recent investiment we now cover everything Nominet require and we’re very proud of our achievement.