Sony has announced today that with forthcoming firmware updates, users will be able to use Amazon Alexa to control Sony soundbar and several wireless headphones[1] – all with just your voice.

Using Alexa is as simple as asking a question. Just ask to play music, hear the news, control smart home devices, access tens of thousands of skills, and more — Alexa will respond. Whether you are at home or on-the-go, Alexa is designed to make your life easier by letting you effortlessly control your world.

HT-ZF9 Soundbar

With a new firmware update, people with Alexa-enabled devices can play music and control playlists stream music and control audio on Sony’s ZF9 Dolby Atmos®[2] soundbar. All you need to do is ask Alexa to play your favourite artist, adjust the volume, skip a track, and more.

A separate update coming later this year will also enable you to pair your soundbar with other Amazon Echo products around the house, enabling multi-room playback of your music.

Wireless headphones

Compatible with most smartphones, the Sony wireless headphones gives you the freedom to move without getting caught up in wires and will now be optimised for Amazon Alexa with a future update.

Using Alexa on headphones from Sony is simple – just tap the button and ask a question, and Alexa will respond instantly.

“This is a great example of Sony’s commitment to delivering a wide range of innovative benefits to our customers,” said Richard Palk, Head of Video & Sound Product Marketing and Product Planning in Sony Europe. “Adding Alexa support to our critically-acclaimed wireless headphones, means we can enhance the experience of consumers by letting them using voice to control the music they listen to. Likewise with soundbar in a home environment, we will offer an additional way to interact with your favourite home entertainment products – while retaining the exceptional sound quality offered by Sony.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Sony on listening experiences that combine high-quality sound with the simplicity of voice control,” said Pete Thompson, Vice President of the Alexa Voice Service. “With Alexa built-in, you can easily play music, hear the news, control smart home devices, access tens of thousands of skills, and more.”

Service start dates and service conditions may vary by country.

HT-ZF9 soundbar

Alexa firmware update: Autumn

Firmware update with Alexa multi-room functionality: Winter

Wireless headphones

Alexa firmware update: Winter onward

[1]Models vary by country and will be confirmed in due course

[2] Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories