When it comes to Christmas, we often look to the more wholesome side of present buying. From fluffy jumpers and socks to adorable little hats, we do tend to look to the ‘cute’ side of Christmas. Just remember, though, that the festive season is also the ideal time to enjoy some ‘snuggle sessions’ together under the comfort of your blanket. If you are looking for a spicy present to buy this year, then you might wish to focus on some of the following ideas for sex toys that should go down a treat.

Egg Vibrators

As one of the most popular toys these days, an egg-shaped vibrator is powerful enough to create lasting, satisfying sensations for the beneficiary. You can even set this to vibrate on its own to the music, or you can create bespoke vibration settings.

For those who are looking for something a little cheeky this year that has a great use in the bedroom, you should absolutely look to invest in popular egg vibrators from Lovense.

Vibrating Rings

For guys, a good option to invest in would be a vibrating ring that you can put around your penis. This kind of tool helps to give you extra stimulation, but it also does a great job of giving your partner some extra clitoral stimulation. This makes a smart toy that both partners can get a lot of fun out of, and the fact that it is so easy to stretch should make sure that anyone can benefit.


Thinking of branching out and experimenting a bit this year? Then you might wish to look into some anal toys or anal plugs. Easy to keep clean and very fun to play with if you do like this kind of feeling, many people will find that such a toy can make your sex life even more satisfying. This is the kind of toy that can really add a new layer of energy to your sex life, making it the ideal festive present.

Masturbator tools

Want to help your partner have some fun even when you cannot be present? Then give them the soft and flexible fun of a masturbator. These tools allow for some real fun to be had when the recipient is on their own, and it can be designed in a way that allows for them to get as close to the real thing as one could reasonably expect. If you want to help keep things fun even when you aren’t around, a tool like this can be essential.

Penis Sleeves

Similar to the ring, this helps to add even more energy and satisfaction during penetration. This is a good choice if you want to help add another layer of energy to the fun, and to help ensure that both parties can just enjoy something a bit different. This is easy to use, providing extra stimulation in-deep for the person who is lucky enough to be using this toy.

So, which toy do you think might do the business for you when in the bedroom?