Whether you run a trendy marketing agency or a creative web design company, you can never underestimate the importance of a spacious, organised, and professional office space. Your layout, design, and efficiency level cannot only determine internal efficiency, but it can also positively or negatively affect your brand. Your office needs to be a space where your employees, investors, potential clients and you all feel happy and impressed. Find out how to create an office that wows.

Choose the Right Layout

Before you start thinking about colour schemes and office furniture, you must first consider the layout. It is critical to create a space that offers flexibility and independence, so your employees can move from A to B with ease and connect with different individuals and departments. If you want to create an effective workplace dynamic, consider introducing hot desking or moveable furniture into your space.

Invest in an Attractive, Professional Office Interior Design

In addition to thinking about your office space, you must also carefully choose your office interior design. Mundane colours, furniture and fabrics will equal a mundane business, which can deter a prospective client from investing in your business, or could result in a talented candidate rejecting an offer of employment. Consult 360degrees.uk.com to create the perfect office space for your brand.

Freshen Up Your Office Space

Space and design are crucial for an impressive office, but the smell will also make a first impression on your guests. Don’t neglect how your office smells by investing in pleasant air fresheners that will be inviting to both your employees and visitors. Not only can it help to create a more pleasant office environment, but it is also believed to increase efficiency. For example, one study found that 54% of people who could smell lemon made fewer mistakes, while 33% made fewer mistakes when smelling jasmine.

Add a Little Personality into Your Interior Design

While it is important your office appears clean, professional, and efficient; you also shouldn’t be afraid to add a little personality into the space. For example, you could hang a custom work of art based on the company logo, or you could incorporate vintage touches or personal objects into the space. It can, therefore, add a touch of character and fun into your interior design, which will make your employees feel more comfortable in the workplace.

Maintain a Clean & Tidy Office

Keeping a tidy office costs absolutely nothing, but it can considerably alter the look and feel of an office. Continually impress your guests by ensuring every member of staff is accountable for their own desk, as well as any communal areas. You should also feature recycling bins throughout the office to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, which could also convince a client or business associate to work with your company.

Add Houseplants to the Workplace

Plants can add life and character to your interior design and can create a light, airy space that will welcome visitors and employees. Studies have also found that plants can increase happiness, productivity, and creativity. In fact, an Exeter University study found that employees are 15% more productive when a workplace features a household plant.