New partnership to support thousands of local families across Teesside with free school meals delivered to children across the summer term.

The Applebridge Family are delighted to announce a partnership with the renowned MFC Foundation that will see 30,000 free school meals delivered throughout Teesside during the six weeks of school summer term.

Over the six-week summer holidays, from 22nd July through to 28th August, approximately 1,000 free hot meals will be produced and distributed each day to the children of families who need it the most across Teesside.

In partnership with Middlesbrough FC Foundation, this represents a donation of £40,000 from the Applebridge Family. This generous donation has made it possible to purchase the food, as well as packaging and transporting it to ensure a quality daily meal will reach those most in need.

The collaborative efforts will see chefs from MFC volunteering their time to prepare the food provided via Applebridge in the kitchens of the Riverside Stadium, provided in-kind by Middlesbrough Football Club.

“We at the Applebridge Family were inspired by the fantastic work carried out by Marcus Rashford in successfully lobbying the government to provide 1.3-million free school meals for children over the summer holidays,” said Chris Brown, managing director at Applebridge.

“Following a conversation between our CEO, Donny Hughes, and Billy Lamb, Director of Retaining UK, it was decided that the Applebridge Family would play our part, however small that may be. We hope the contribution made by ourselves and MFC Foundation provide some comfort to the families who struggle the most during the summer school holidays.”

Engaging in charitable efforts and initiatives local to their North East and North Yorkshire offices is very important to the Applebridge team. With over £72,000 donated to charity in the last year, they continue to demonstrate their commitment to local communities.

This is an ethos reflected in every project the business undertakes, with a clear understanding of how and why buildings will be used by individuals to ensure they add social value and make a difference to the individuals using each space.

Mr Brown continued: “We would like to thank MFC Foundation for providing the facilities of the Riverside Stadium to prepare the food, the chefs and their assistants who have volunteered their time completely free of charge. They will play a key role in preparing what will be nearly 30,000 meals across the six-week period. Thanks also to the volunteers from the Foundation and the Applebridge Family who are distributing the meals from hubs in Middlesbrough.

“In addition, we would like to thank Leaders Paper Merchants, QFS Food, Wolley Bros North East and Quorn Foods for the support they have provided.”

Helena Bowman, head of MFC Foundation, commented: “This is a fantastic gesture from the Applebridge Family. We’re combining their logistics with our expertise to make a positive difference to so many in our communities.

“Thank you also to the club (Middlesbrough FC) for the use of their kitchens and to the chefs and volunteers from both organisations who will make this happen. Also, to Middlesbrough Council, who do great work with primary schools in the town centre to help make sure meals get to families who need them most.

She added: “I would like to place on record my thanks for this tremendous commitment from people who are clearly likeminded. They want to help. We’re humbled that the Applebridge Family have recognised the work we do throughout our communities and have chosen us to work with through the summer.”