In the ever-changing web design environment, it’s gratifying to know that WordPress has many tools and themes to improve a modern website. For example, you can install free online plagiarism checker with percentage. There are many additional tools that can improve any modern website, emphasizing those aspects that are most relevant to users.

The WordPress platform is designed in such a way that it is suitable not only for blogs but also for other resources – information, corporate and other sites. Convenience, attractive design makes sites on this CMS pleasant for visitors. With their help, it is easy to promote goods and services.

Each of us has at least one account for communication, listening to music and reading entertainment or cognitive materials. Social networks are so tightly integrated into our lives that now almost every field of activity finds its embodiment there and today it is no longer just an entertainment platform – it is the basis of the Internet.

Social networks not only help us communicate with other people but also provide a platform for exchanging thoughts on the Internet, help promote products, bring huge traffic to our sites and so on.

Just imagine that for today, 72% of Internet users are actively working in all kinds of social networks. This is a real marketing opportunity that should not be ignored. Social services are a two-way communication that helps to improve the recognition of your brand.


What About the Free Plugins for Sharing Content?


Social media has become such an integral part of the Internet that for most websites it is their second source of traffic! They are constantly growing, and they are becoming popular, from young people to older people, because they all share information. Once in the recent past, it was common for readers to subscribe to blogs using RSS. Currently, people often subscribe to a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page on the website to receive notification of new content. As a website owner, you can take advantage of these changes, making it as simple as possible so that people can share your content.

How to do it? You can install social network buttons on your resource, or you can use the social networking plugin for WordPress.

The most popular plugins for social sharing in the WordPress Plugin Directory are already adaptable, as developers and webmasters need to integrate adaptive design elements into their sites to improve the user experience.

Non-adaptive buttons when viewing social networks, if you view the page from mobile devices, destroy the entire appearance, elegance, and usability of your site. Small edits in the page layout are the least of the problems; there is a possibility that the social network buttons will stop responding, will arbitrarily decrease or slow down your site.

According to the research over the past year, a third of all web pages are opened through mobile devices. And to risk the traffic and the number of site views because of the non-adaptive plugin is not the smartest solution.

To make the site fully functional, you need to install the plugins for sharing content. Find a decent plugin for sharing social media is harder than you think. We need to find a functional plugin for sharing that gives us what we need. There are several options, which we’ll talk about in this article, namely, we’ll review the 5 best plugins for WordPress Sharing Content.


  1. Simple Share Buttons Adder

This is an excellent site, without which we cannot do nowadays, given that most people interact and exchange materials in social networks. Simple Share Buttons Adder adds buttons for switching to various social media platforms, which allows for greater interaction with customers. The resource is quite flexible and allows the designer to control what the interface looks like, the buttons, and also add the option of calculating the shares.

Moreover, this is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to add basic buttons to share your posts or pages. Select the placement, the general text and the set of images – then the plugin is ready for use.

With this plugin, your social network buttons will not only adorn the page with your appearance – they will show visitors how many people have already become interested in this or that article, which will push the new user to click on the button.

What about the main features? The difference is only in the organization of displaying social buttons in the interface and on the page. Using the WordPress plugin for social networks Simple Share Buttons Adder, you can install social buttons anywhere on the page using a shortcode. This is much more convenient than a simple widget. Button styles can be replaced with their own and make them unique.

In the settings, you can choose where the buttons will be displayed by default – on the pages of the site, on the pages of entries, in the headings or in announcements.

Key Benefits:

  • Very Light Weight
  • Different Image Sets
  • Support for custom images
  • Good for mobile devices
  • 10 different sets of buttons.
  • You can adjust the colors
  • URLs can be shortened


  • Can slow down the speed of your site

Simple Share Buttons Adder is really very easy to use a plugin that allows you to add buttons for social networks to your entries and pages. It perfectly copes with the main tasks and is great for beginners.


  1. WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing is a free, lightweight plugin that you can use to add your CSS styles and JS code. The plugin is not only simple and easy; it also boasts 100% adaptive social networking buttons.

What about the main features? Instead of images, the plugin works with CSS3 to create buttons. Full-sized buttons are automatically converted to icons on small screens of mobile devices (with a width of less than 480px). You can add social media buttons Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, and Pinterest. Using the plugin, you can customize the text of buttons with icons and change their order.

To work with this free plugin, you do not need to be a professional web developer. WP Social Sharing can be easily integrated into any topic with a convenient shortcode.

Key Benefits:

  • 100 adaptive
  • Integration through shortcodes
  • CSS3 Buttons


  • The limited number of settings
  • Buttons for only six social networks


WP Social Sharing is an excellent free plugin in case you are looking for a simple solution. It does not need to go crazy in the settings or spend time on that to select different colors, sizes, and shapes. If for you is not fundamentally the number of settings, this is a good option for you.


  1. Sharify Social Share Buttons

Sharify Social Share Buttons – social networking buttons with beautiful design, giving a premium look to your site for free. Users of your site can share posts through 9 different social networking platforms. The plugin takes pride in its speed, as it is the fastest social networking plugin for WordPress. For even greater control, web developers are offered additional features, like the admin panel and weekly updates.

What about the main features? Using the Sharify Social Share Buttons plugin, you can add buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, Pocket, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Email. If you do not need some of them, you can hide them. The plugin also shows how many times users shared a post or page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

The setting is limited to changing the colors of the buttons. For most of you, this will not be a problem, because the default buttons are very beautiful, and you do not want to change their appearance. The plugin supports shortcodes to facilitate adding buttons to pages and posts.

Sharify Social Share Buttons are the fastest plugin for WordPress, as it caches all data. Via the admin panel, you can enable and change the caching time of the repo counter. Caching greatly reduces the load on the server, which causes pages to load faster, improving the performance of your site.

Key Benefits:

  • Buttons for nine platforms of social networks
  • Caching the repost counter
  • SSL Support


  • Limited configuration

Sharify Social Share Buttons uniquely suits those who need a free and adaptive solution with an attractive design. If you are looking for a plugin with a bunch of settings or one in which you can add your own CSS code, then, unfortunately, you will have to continue searching.


  1. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar is available both in the free and in the paid version. Since today’s speech is about free plugins, then, of course, we will consider a free version.

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar is integrated with a lightbox contact form and a floating sidebar. In the premium version, the sidebar and contact form are fully adaptive. A lightweight plugin supports seven fully customizable social networking platforms.

What about the key features? First of all, the plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Reddit. You can change the background color of buttons and add images.

The plugin allows you to edit the text description and position both the buttons themselves and the sidebar. There is an option to disable the sidebar on small screens of mobile devices, with which you can customize the design of the plugin.

In the premium version of the plugin lightbox and sidebar are fully adaptive. The plugin works without JS files and does not slow down your site.

Key Benefits:

  • Floating sidebar
  • A large number of settings
  • Seven buttons of social networks


  • No counter reposts
  • Adaptive floating sidebar and lightbox in premium version

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar is a highly customizable and pretty funny plugin. However, it does not meet some important criteria that most of us want to see in social networking plugins, for example, a counter of reposts.


  1. Mashshare

Those who really do not want to pay for premium social networking plugins, but want to get all the same great options, should consider installing Mashshare. With this free plugin, you can add a button to almost any social network.

What about the main features? With the Mashshare plugin, there is a large series of add-ons (both paid and free) that you can use to create the button that you imagine. One of the free add-ons, which you will most likely immediately install, will make the buttons fully adaptive.

When the add-on notices that the page is opened through a device with a smaller screen, it reduces the width of the buttons. If desired, you can also delete the repo counter and a text description.

In the plugin, without all add-ons, there is a counter with the total number of reposts, as well as a horizontal panel of the buttons themselves. A distinctive feature of the Mashshare plugin is that with it you can add a subscription button to both the email list and the newsletter. The plugin is friendly to developers and supports shortcodes for those who do not understand programming. Whatever one may say is an excellent advantage!

Key Benefits:

  • Expandable with a large number of add-ons.
  • A large number of settings
  • Transient caching and object caching
  • High-Resolution Buttons


  • Shows the total number of reposts in all social networks
  • Presence of premium add-ons

Mashshare is a favorite for many users adaptive social networking plugin in WordPress for free. It has almost everything, starting with adaptability, high-resolution buttons and ending with caching. In fact, this plugin includes everything that you really need!



As you can see from our article, social networking is much more than a colorful bar filled with badges. Not only in terms of a set of plugin functions but also with the approach to online marketing. In today’s online business, this is something that cannot be ignored!

The fact is that more and more people go online through mobile devices, and fully adaptive sites are now much more important than ever before. Leave something for later when switching to an adaptive site is no longer possible.

Note that when choosing a social networking plugin, you need to remember a few things – design, functionality, and speed.