STUDENTS have won high praise for their dissent after taking to the stage to voice their views.

Race, sexuality, oppression and religion became the rally cries for students from Richmond School and Sixth Form College as they showcased their creative talents.

Year 7-10 students performed Dissent, an original piece comprising powerful monologues, in a collaboration with the Georgian Theatre Royal, exploring the many forms protest takes in a world undergoing change through technology.

A hard-hitting performance took an intriguing look at hunger strikes, civil disobedience and petitioning.

Assistant headteacher for community art Ian Henderson said: “Dissent gave the audience a clear insight into the issues faced by today’s young people and how they think about the world. It was powerful and in parts quite unsettling.

“Technology is moving at such a pace and the performance offered a fascinating perception of how modern living blends with age-old issues.”