Everyone’s heard of diamonds. But have you heard of the sort that doesn’t hang around your neck?

Synthetic diamonds are one of the most sought after materials in the world because of their versatility for a whole range of uses. They can be used in various industries all over the world, and here’s how.

Synthetic diamonds are exceptionally hard. This makes them beneficial for many mechanical and engineering industries. Drill bits can be made from synthetic diamonds because they’re so hard wearing. This means tools will last longer, and may even decrease operating costs. The diamonds are very versatile and can be made with a fine edge, making them more precise than other drill bits. This can help in all kinds of industries, including aerospace, construction, electronics, and more. A company such as Element Six create these diamonds using high temperatures and high pressures.

Synthetic diamonds are also known to have a high thermal shock resistance. This makes them the perfect material for computer and other electrical device usage. If a device gets consistently too hot, its longevity is at risk, as well as its performance. The use of synthetic diamonds helps to keep the overall device temperature down, meaning the device can last for longer. With the number of smartphone companies always competing against one another, consistently improving their devices is imperative.

Healthcare is an industry that is constantly changing. Improvements are always being made to make surgeries less invasive, to find more cures for cancer, and to help patients recover much faster.

If you’ve ever undergone a minor operation, or you or a family member have ever received radiotherapy, you’ll have experienced the use of synthetic diamonds first hand.

Occasionally, during surgery, surgeons will use lasers to remove diseased tissue, to open the skin, or to treat bleeding blood vessels. These lasers work through fibre optics, which contain synthetic diamond components. The use of lasers usually means the operation can be performed in a shorter space of time, making it an easier experience for both the patient and the surgeons.

Synthetic diamonds, though you may have never heard of them before, have revolutionised many industries in a way you might not have realised.

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