It’s time for the North East of England to stand proud.

The North East Business Awards are back for another year to celebrate high-achieving companies across the region. This is a huge event that has been commending businesses for 15 years now and has an annual total attendance of almost 2000. 

It’s a ceremony that toasts successful companies, both big and small, for the amazing work they’ve produced in the community. The night is a reminder of how strong the region is in terms of business and camaraderie, shining a light on those who have thrived over the past 12 months. 

The Awards are held in association with the North East England Chamber of Commerce, and although they cover the entire district, the entry process is broken down into 3 sub-regions. There are 12 titles attainable in each, from Small Business Award to Newcomer of the Year. An accolade dinner is held in all areas during February and March, where the winners will then move on to the Grand Final in May.

This is an exceptionally exciting time for the roofing industry, as one of their very own Hartlepool-based companies has been shortlisted for the ‘Let’s Grow Award’ in the Teesside section. 

Findley Roofing & Building are the only roofing company out of 108 nominees across the entire region, which is a reflection of their personal success. The ‘Let’s Grow Award’ recognises companies that have showcased rapid growth over the past 12 months in terms of sales, headcount, market share, profit, and perhaps geographical expansion.

In 2018 an energy company based in Newcastle took home this particular title, and Findley Roofing & Building are hoping that they’ll be next. It’s no surprise that they’ve been nominated for such a prestigious award, as they’re the biggest domestic roofing and building company in the North of England, now turning over £7.7 million annually. 

Each year, over 2,200 customers have chosen this specific roofing company to meet their demands, which calculates to over 45 home improvement projects conducted every single week! They share their long list of services across 7 locations in the North East, and even 8 locations in Yorkshire.

The North East Business Awards are completely free to enter, giving every company in the region a fair chance of being successful within the competition. The process isn’t rushed either; entries opened on September 5th 2018 and closed on Friday 11th 2019, with the panel then having 7 weeks to shortlist the finalists with careful consideration.

The black-tie event is nothing short of glamorous and has already generated a buzz amongst the community. The night is dedicated to giving hard-working businesspeople a chance to sit back and relax, have fun, and celebrate each other’s success. The Grand Final will be held at the Hardwick Hall Hotel in Sedgefield on the 16th of May, where the winners of the sub-categories compete for 1 final title: Company of the Year.

This is an exciting time for businesses all over the region, and we wish all nominees the very best of luck.