A steel professional from Middlesbrough’s Material Processing Institute is to be honoured at the upcoming AGM of the exclusive Electric Steelmakers Guild (ESMG).

Dr Stuart Millman, who is Senior Researcher at the Institute, will become the ESMG’s 61stPresident at the AGM, which will be hosted by the Materials Processing Institute on May 7th.

Established in 1956, the ESMG is an exclusive not-for-profit organisation that helps to promote progress in the manufacture of steel for commercial purposes in Electric Furnaces.

A themed Technical Seminar titled ‘Future for UK Steel’ will accompany the AGM. In this, presentations by steel industry leaders from organisations such as Liberty Steel, Tata Steel, Albion Steel and Sheffield Forgemasters will inform members about the future of the industry in the UK, including Green Steel strategy and the ongoing developments in technology and changes in plant organisation and ownership.

Stuart Millman added: “I am delighted to become the ESMG’s 61st President, which is a huge personal and professional honour for me. I am grateful to the Institute for its help and encouragement and am looking forward to supporting and engaging with my fellow ESMG members, in my capacity as President.”

Chris McDonald, CEO of the Materials Processing Institute, said: “We are delighted to host such an important event in the ESMG’s calendar, which is shaping up to be an informative and exciting industry gathering. The future of the steel industry is critically important for the UK’s manufacturing base and the line-up of speakers at the meeting will keep ESMG members abreast of all the latest developments, as well as encourage discussion and debate.

“I am also very proud that Stuart will become the next President of The Electric Steel Makers Guild, and this will be an even more special occasion as the Materials Processing Institute will be hosting the event.”