Accreditation is the process of ensuring that a certain course or program meets a minimum set of standards or criteria established by a competent authority in that field. Accreditation authorities are usually third-party independent reviewers to perform such processes and giving assurance.

Getting TEFL/TESOL certification from the right accreditation authority will play a major role in helping you establish a successful career as a TEFL/TESOL instructor. Honestly speaking, you will meet many TEFL/TESOL certified instructors throughout your professional life but what will set you apart from them is your choice of accreditation partner. Having an affiliation with a trusted accredited authority will clearly distinguish you from your peers.

Why a trusted accredited center is important?

Choosing a trusted accredited center offers you many benefits. Few of these are:

  1. Course Hours – A trusted accreditation center will offer courses meeting the minimum criteria of 100 hours of teaching lessons and up to 20 hours of practice sessions.
  2. Qualified Instructors – A trusted accreditation center will have highly qualified instructors to conduct TEFL/TESOL course training.
  3. Pre-Course Counselling Sessions – A reputable accredited center will offer professional counselling and advise on whether you should select TEFL, TESOL or both certifications for your career.
  4. Job Search Guidance – A renowned accreditation center will help you with your job search after you have successfully completed your TEFL/TESOL courses.
  5. Value for Money – The time and money you spend in getting TEFL/TESOL certification should definitely be worth the hassle. Try to analyze the relationship between what you are putting into and what you will achieve from the accreditation center.

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Accreditation Centers – Our Suggestion

To help you in your search for the best accreditation center, we have selected and briefly reviewed for you three of the best and most trusted ones from United Kingdom.


With over 10 years of experience in working with multinational organizations and numerous non-native English speakers, ACCRIN is one of the few best independent international accreditation bodies. Due to this vast experience, ACCRIN has developed and deployed rigorous procedures to accredit TEFL/TESOL certification courses for English tutors.

Getting your TEFL/TESOL accredited from ACCRIN offers multiple benefits like confidence building guides to increase reliance of course participants and employers in English teachers, risk reduction measures to check competence of courses and on-going communication of latest developments in course material to its members.

In addition to above, ACCRIN also has moderation systems to check which parts of any course being offered needs to be modified or deleted.


Our second selection for you to get your TEFL/TESOL accreditation is from ACTDEC. Similar to ACCRIN, ACTDEC is also an independent and not-for-profit body that designs frameworks and structures to facilitate long-distance teacher training through online programs.

Each accredited course offered by ACTDEC is divided into five distinct levels, with its participants having 12 months time to achieve recognition in each. Each of these five levels in every course requires different number of hours to complete. Accredited members of ACTDEC display their grading levels against each course to show their competence in that specific subject.


ACCREDITAT is a member of Training Issues Limited, which is itself an international training and learning organization with over ten years of experience in this field. TEFL/TESOL courses offered by ACCREDITAT for English tutors are provided through fac-to-face, online and distance learning programs.

To get ACCREDITAT accreditation, interested candidates must go through a rigorous and lengthy process. Once successful, its accredited members can display its logo in their credentials to increase their employers and students confidence in them.

To help its members stay up-to-date, ACCREDITAT involves in collecting and analyzing their feedback, while also simultaneously monitoring their practices from time-to-time.


Before finally deciding on which TEFL/TESOL accrediting body will help you most in your professional career as a TEFL/TESOL tutor, make sure to visit each of the above mentioned organizations websites for complete course details and benefits. In addition, reading reviews or asking for help from existing members through social media can also be very helpful in selecting the right partnership program.