Territorial labor laws protect employees in Canada. So, one territory can have a slight difference from another. One thing is common, though; each territory has a minimum wage of the employees. You can be a temporary, permanent, or specialized employee depending on which job agency Mississauga you choose.

Temporary employees’ demand is on the rise. Temp agencies have helped in bridging the gap between employees and employers for temp contracts. People choose to take temp contracts when transitioning in their careers. Others take them as a way of gaining experience before going into a stable career. So, when you work with a job agency Mississauga, here are a few things you should know:

  1. What is a Temp Employment Agency?

They are called temporary employment agencies. They supply employers with employees for short-term employment. Often, these agencies are responsible for paying employees after being accepted by the employer.

  1. The Employment Relationship

Because a temp agency is responsible for your payment, you are their assignment employee. So, they send you to the client for the job, but you report to the job agency Mississauga.

After the client accepts you and starts training you for the job, your contract begins. That is, the first day of training is your first day at work. When the client decides to end the contract or when the work is complete, your assignment ends.

Once you provide details to a temp agency and start taking assignments, your relationship is considered ongoing. It does not matter whether or not you are on an assignment at the moment. Provided you have not contacted your agency informing them you are no longer interested in their services.

Your working hours are accounted for by your temp agent and its client. These hours should tally when compared at the end of your assignment period. So, you do not have to worry about recording them, and you can focus on delivering results on your assignment.

In case an employment standards officer needs to see your working hours, your temp agency should provide. The job agency Mississauga should keep your working hours records for at least 3 years. If you finish an assignment and fail to get paid, both the agency and its clients are liable for the unpaid wages.

  1. Important Information

When you sign a contract with a temp agency, you should receive the following information:

  • Contact information and the company’s legal name
  • A copy of your standards rights in the employment period using your preferred language.

When offered an assignment, you are given the following information:

  • Hourly wage, benefits, or commission
  • The client’s contact info and legal address
  • Working hours
  • Basic work description
  • Estimated time to complete the assignment
  • Payday and payment period
  1. Your Working Rights

Although temp agencies help in connecting employees to opportunities, they have a reputation for exploitation. An audit done in 2015 by the Ministry of Labor shows that 75% of temp agencies break the law.

According to the audit, the agencies are notorious for holiday pay, overtime, flawed record-keeping, illegal deductions, and holiday pay.

So, before working with a temp agency, you should familiarize yourself with your rights. It helps in protecting you against exploitation.

An important thing to note is that even though you work under a temp agency, you are still protected by the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Still, there are rules on the ESA that governs the relationship between employment agencies Mississauga, their clients, and employees. Employment agencies Mississauga cannot:

  • Charge an employee for their services. These include registration fees, assignment placement fees, and interview and resume preparation fees.
  • Stop the employee from getting direct assignments and references from their clients
  • Ask for personal information such as SIN, country of origin, and date of birth.

Other than ESA, there are other bodies that protect temporary employees from exploitation. Although temp employees used to get equal pay as permanent ones, the bill is now different. They receive less compensation than their counterparts.

Are you considering signing up with a temp agency? Look for an agency with a good reputation so that you don’t end being exploited. If you are in an agency that is exploiting you and need some help, you can contact legal practitioners for assistance. Bodies fighting for the rights of temp workers are also ideal for assisting.