Space management and ergonomics compliance are two crucial strategies for commercial kitchens that should be responsibly implemented. In order to optimize the area to ensure high efficiency and quick food prep task performance, stainless steel wall mounted pot rack is a perfect solution. Pot racks successfully cope with a couple of objectives at once: maximize space capacity and add a sturdy and durable place for better arranging of kitchen tools that always have to be within close reach. Moreover, it’s not only about functionality but also about aesthetics and style. Thus, with metal racks, it is possible to keep everything in order without losing an aesthetically pleasing component. They are suitable for storing different quantities of utensils, crockery, and containers at hand.

Priority selection criteria for pot racks shelf

  • Since this equipment is used intensively every day, this can affect the wear, integrity, and quality of a wall mounted metal shelf. However, this type of equipment easily deals with daily challenges, doesn’t crack or break off.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness enhancing. Since the pot racks surface is in direct contact with the stored items, it is obligatory that all sanitary standards are observed. Stainless steel is an absolutely safe material with easy maintenance and highly resistant to germs, dirt, debris, rust, stains, and corrosion. It can withstand high humidity and temperature fluctuations, fungus, mold, mildew.
  • Some models, the price of which is higher, can function properly in the kitchens of establishments for several decades.
  • Reliable fastening. The stainless steel rack should be firmly fixed on the wall, eliminating the risk of collapsing.
  • Beautiful finishes and design. Despite the fact that the kitchen is closed to visitors, it still shouldn’t be messy and untidy. Visual beauty creates the right mood and promotes great staff performance. Therefore, even such not too noticeable equipment, like pot racks, should be in harmony with the general interior of the kitchen.

Here are 2020 best-selling products at Amazon that comply with all mentioned above features, upgrading kitchen space:

  • Kinetic Pot, Black with Silver Rack;
  • Advantage Components Adjustable Wall Mount Pot Rack/Shelf, Stainless Steel;
  • Medium Gauge Oval Hanging Pot Rack with Grid & 12 Hooks, Graphite;
  • Elegant Designs PR1000-BSN Pot Rack Light, Brushed Nickel;
  • Cooks Standard Wall Mounted Wooden Pot Rack, 36 by 8-Inch;
  • VDOMUS Shelf Pot Rack Wall Mounted Pan Hanging Racks 2 Tire (Black).

You can pick your product among an array of sizes and styles of pot racks: wall mount stainless steel option, ceiling pot rack, and even wooden choices that are excellent alternatives to stainless steel. One more example for you to consider is AmGoodSupply pot racks with hooks. Thus, you can neatly organize the space and fasten meal preparation. Remember, maintenance is the key to gain all benefits. The personnel should wash and disinfect the racks and other equipment at your food establishment regularly to ensure a healthy environment and increase the rack lifespan.