If you’re planning a construction project, you’re creating a tough working environment. You’ll need somewhere for your workers to have a rest, eat and drink and get warm on a cold, wet day. Whether you’re the contractor or the client, it’s your legal responsibility to provide a safe and warm space for your workforce which is where welfare units come in. Welfare unit hire is the savvy way to provide facilities that meet HSE standards for hot water, heating and lighting.

Why you need a welfare unit

If your project lasts longer than 30 days, you have a legal obligation to provide welfare facilities for your workers as outlined in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. According to HSE guidelines, workers must have access to toilet and washing facilities, a changing room, rest facilities and drinking water. A flexible welfare unit makes a great place to get in out of the cold and damp. Whether you use your unit to make a cup of tea or to catch up on project progress, you’ll create a better working environment and a more productive construction team with welfare unit hire.

Mobile or static?

Depending on the way you work, you may need a mobile or static unit. Towable units are ideal if you and your team regularly visit sites around the country because they have all the welfare facilities you need on board. Static units are the savvy choice for long-term use and can be equipped to meet all your on-site demands.

These units and cabins typically include toilet and canteen facilities and may also house an office and secure storage for tools and belongings. Static units can be generator powered to ensure a constant supply of hot water and warmth because a construction site can be a muddy, cold and challenging environment to work in.

Reap the benefits of welfare unit hire

Minimise disruptions

You have a legal responsibility under CDM rules to provide welfare facilities for your workers. That means you’ll need adequate toilets, break time and changing facilities in place before construction can even begin. Hiring welfare units means they can be in place as quickly as possible so there are no unnecessary delays at the start of the project.

Be flexible

Your welfare unit provides a welcoming environment on a construction site and so much more besides. Whether your construction team need a place to relax, somewhere to hold informal meetings or to sit down for a proper lunch break, welfare unit hire comes in handy. But this flexible space can also function as the main office on site and can be used as a central point of contact for everyone involved, thus streamlining your construction site.

Increased efficiency

If you provide a warm and dry unit, your workers won’t need to go off site because they can rely on somewhere warm and comfortable to get a tea break. You’ll cut the number of hours lost in off-site diversions by meeting your workers’ needs right where they are. These units also make more efficient use of your time by cutting the need to commute from the office every day. That all adds up to a happy, productive and more efficient workforce.


Modern site welfare units are built using the latest technology. That means your unit can offer high security if you’re leaving tools on site overnight. You can also rely on environmental benefits including Ecosmart water saving technology. In fact, a dedicated welfare unit can be extremely resource efficient, helping you meet sustainability targets.


By hiring high-quality welfare units you’ll not only provide comfort and warmth for your construction team, you’ll impress site visitors with the standard of your facilities. And that helps to secure your reputation as a company that’s worth doing business with.