With remote work on the rise and freeing us from the office, more and more people are considering spending some time living in another country. Plus, thanks to the increasing digitalisation and internationalisation of the world, doing so has never been easier. If you have children, though, you might be a bit more apprehensive about making such a big change to your family’s life. However, the truth is that raising your kids abroad can be hugely beneficial to them, whether you spend just one year immersed in a different culture or many. Here are just some of the wealth of reasons why:

They will have a greater global awareness

Living in a different country offers an unbeatable way to immerse your family in a new culture, showing them a different way of living and exposing them to a range of beliefs and ideas. This is a fantastic way to foster a sense of diversity and respect in your kids, which will undoubtedly serve them well later in life. It also enables them to bring together the best aspects of a range of cultures into their own lives, showing them new ways to solve problems, relate to people, and generally live their day-to-day life.

They are more likely to become bilingual

If you raise your children in a country where English is not the most commonly spoken language, it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to learn a second one. This is true even if they attend an international school like Rugby School, where teaching is done in English. Being bilingual has been shown to have amazing benefits, from improved memory, focus and mental flexibility to protection against dementia later in life – not to mention that knowing another language can have advantages in the workplace and when travelling. Learning a second language is far easier when immersed in an environment where it’s spoken compared to in a classroom back home, so living abroad offers the best opportunity for this.

They will enjoy a wealth of new experiences

When we move to a different country, so much of what we experience on a daily basis is new and fascinating. Even a trip to the supermarket can be exciting! By raising your children abroad for a time, you can give them the opportunity to get involved in so many interesting new activities, whether it’s sports, arts, cultural events, or exploring a different environmental landscape. This will not only be enjoyable, but it will open their mind and engage their sense of wonder.

They will develop a wide range of different skills

Spending some time living in a different country helps children (and adults!) to develop a range of useful skills in addition to learning another language. It can teach adaptability, flexibility, problem solving, independence, communication, integration and much, much more. These can all be helpful not only in school, university and the workplace but also in daily life even after you move back home. The best part is that it won’t feel like they’re learning because they’ll be having so much fun!