If you ask any small business owner about the problems they face, a lack of time will appear somewhere on their list. Often, it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day.

Worse, it’s like that even if you work 7 days a week. Somehow you just can’t catch up. It is such a common problem that we decided to take a close look at time tracking software for small businesses to see if it is a tool that time-strapped business owners could benefit from using. As you will see, the answer is a resounding yes.

It is an effective way to uncover where your time goes

When you are tackling any problem the first step is to properly quantify what the issue is. Doing so enables you to understand what is going on so that you can focus your time and efforts in the right places.

There is no doubt that time tracking software does this. Provided you use it diligently. You need to remember to access it and update it when you change tasks. Fortunately, the best systems have reminders built in to ensure that you do this.

At the end of the day, you will be able to see where your time went. The more honest you are the better you will understand things.

You can quickly identify time-wasting tasks and eliminate them

Most business owners are stunned to find that they spend several hours a week dealing with emails. They are even more surprised when they look at their outbox and realise that they only reply to a handful of those emails per day. This uncovers the fact that they are dealing with a significant amount of time-consuming junk and fluff mail. Unsubscribing from all those newsletters they have signed up for eliminates this time drain within a week or two.

It improves productivity

The knock-on effect of eliminating or reducing time-wasting tasks frees you up to do more of what you should be doing. This automatically improves your productivity.

It forces you to review and streamline your processes

Seeing that you are spending a morning at the end of the month catching up on your expenses soon prompts you to do that task as you go. You can really see the value of downloading and using business expenses and accounting apps, so mundane tasks don’t get forgotten and build up.

Often what you see in your time-tracking reports will prompt you to review the way you do things. For example, if you are a plumber who sees that one shower replacement took you 3 hours to do, while 3 others took you 4 or 5 hours you will ask yourself why. Often, the answer will be that you had to go off to get a part. This could prompt you to realise that carrying more spares in your van makes economic sense.

If you have not tried using time tracking software yet, we suggest that you do so. Most providers offer monthly plans, so it will not cost you a lot to use this kind of software.