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While many families prefer to travel in the summer months in order to adhere to summer holiday restrictions, some families prefer to take advantage of the winter sun bargains that can be found between October and January across the globe. With a large proportion of the world experiencing warm temperatures during what is the UK’s winter season, there are a number of opportunities for families to enjoy a winter holiday on a budget. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best affordable winter holiday destinations for families.

Canary Islands

With amicable temperatures all year round, the Canary Islands are an excellent choice for families looking for sun, sand and sea over the winter months. With prices for all inclusive holidays cut almost in half when compared to the summer months, the Canary Islands provide an opportunity for families to enjoy the best of Spanish culture, while benefitting from the African climate. All a family needs for this holiday is swimwear, sunglasses and an E111 renewal confirmation in case of emergencies and they will be well on their way to an enjoyable, affordable winter holiday. Choose from Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or one of the smaller islands to begin enjoying the winter sun.

Cancun, Mexico

Well-known as a party destination, life in Cancun certainly doesn’t slow down during the winter months. While prices can peak from mid-December to mid-January, booking a holiday for November can allow families to enjoy a bustling winter break on a budget – while still avoiding the rainy season! Temperatures in Cancun remain comfortable, while still tan-worthy, with average highs reaching around 28 degrees Celsius. The best part? There’s plenty to do for all of the family despite the resort’s well-known party culture. There are a broad number of kid-friendly hotels to choose from and activities such as Xcaret Park to dive into. If your family wants to get close to wildlife, you can also swim with turtles and whale sharks for the more daring (and better swimmers) among us. With Dolphin Discovery, Water Parks and a number of Pirate shows to enjoy, Cancun is an ideal family location for an affordable winter break.


Located on the edge of the Sahara Desert, Morocco’s main cities Marrakech and Agadir retain their warmth through the winter months. With plenty to enjoy for all the family and the hustle and bustle of the busy souks to really embrace culture, Morocco is the ideal choice for a winter escape on a budget. There are a number of cheap yet high quality hotels to choose from here and with exquisite food, excellent beaches and pampering hammams to enjoy, you really can’t go wrong with a family holiday in Morocco. Have you spotted the snake charmers?


This location isn’t an obvious destination for many, but those who are looking for an exotic destination away from the Western World would be wise to choose Oman. This blend of desert and coast provide a beautiful backdrop for family exploration in the Middle East. Temperatures will remain comfortable and the Portuguese influence on the country will ensure that the country remains familiar for the family to enjoy.

Are you catching some winter sun this year? There are plenty of options to choose from across the world no matter how far you want to travel and the age of the children you are going with. Where are you looking to book?