Divorce is a difficult time for everyone. It takes a toll on personal relationships, friendships, families, and finances. When it comes to divorce, sometimes it is best to move on quickly to help get over the emotional struggle. Part of this struggle comes from the living situation.

After a divorce, you would like to move on but it could mean something as big as selling a home. These are huge financial and life decisions that take a while but in a divorce, this process is sped up even faster. 

If you are recently divorced and need to sell a home quickly then here are fast ways to do so.

Cash Buyers

Not in the conventional sense that someone will offer you cash. Some services or companies will offer to buy a home quickly, regardless of condition. The realtor folks at we buy houses Tampa offer these services, and it is good for multiple reasons post-divorce. Even if the home is distressed (ex. Water damage or natural causes) or not as sellable on the regular market, they can make a fair offer. Selling your home quickly is a good way to get over the whole divorce and you want to do it fast, regardless of the condition of your home which is why cash buyer services/companies are an excellent route to go for fast closure.

Making Renovations

While you likely do not want to stick around for too long, sometimes you need to tough it out for a bit. Committing to some overdue renovations is a good way to improve the condition of the home so that you can sell it faster once it is listed. There are benefits to renovating a home just before selling, but you need to consider your market as well. There might be people who want to buy it as-is so they can renovate themselves but you could also end up getting a better deal if you renovate the home yourself. These finances can come in handy post-divorce as well which is something to remember. 

Listing As a Project

You can always list your house as a project. If you think your home can garner enough attention for house-flippers or someone willing to take on the challenge of fixing the home themselves, then try it out. Renovations might help you sell it faster, and selling it as a fixer-upper could help sell it fast too because it is a lower deal, but again, it depends on the market. Your area will determine this too. If it is a fixer-upper close to a school zone or near other prime real estates then the value goes up even more. There is a market for people who want to do renovations and repairs themselves but you need to be very aware of how the housing market is to begin within your area and from there you can determine how fast you can get your home listed and sold this way.

Advertising Your Listing

The more exposure your home listing is the quicker you are likely to sell it. This means utilizing real estate agents and doing some work on your own. Using social media to list is a good way to spread awareness for the home to potential buyers and it allows for a cost-free marketing tactic – word of mouth. People you know can help share the listing to boost its exposure and hopefully allow you and your former partner to finalize a deal faster so the two of you can go your separate ways. Just remember to utilize as many listing opportunities to increase the chances of finding a buyer.

Staging the Home

While not the fastest way to sell a home, it is effective. Showing potential buyers that your home is already livable and enticing to enter is something that can drum up some pretty heated interest. This usually means getting the help of a realtor to help with the professional touches of what it takes to stage a home for viewings but it should be underestimated how important it is to show the home in a good light. This is not super quick, but once you stage the home and enough people see it you can likely expect offers to come soon after.

Divorces are a tough time and your life can flip upside down. The best thing to do is try and move on quickly, but this can be hard when you both share a home. Using this advice on how to sell a home quickly you can be sure that this part of the divorce process is not a hassle.