As the cases of COVID-19 infections in the US continue to rise (combined with mounting worries over the upcoming presidential election), many Americans are considering making the move abroad. But due to pandemic-related travel restrictions, the idea of an international move remains an impossible dream – for now. One of the best things is you can take theĀ halong bay luxury cruises to explore the beauty that mother nature offers for this land.

An Exodus?

Despite an international move still being a pipe dream, Americans are determined to move. International Living, a website about overseas living and retirement, reported that its “How to Move Out of the US” information page experienced a significant increase in traffic from May to early August. The traffic rate shot to 945 percent from the same period last year.

If you are interested in making the move yourself, it pays to know where you want to move.

Although New Zealand seems like the option (good handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, greenery, more cows compared to people, home of “Lord of the Rings”), the NZ lifestyle is relatively expensive and the country has strict immigration rules.

So before you approach your immigration attorney in Utah, think about making the move to these countries instead.


This Alpine wonderland is home to pastoral landscapes, skiing and the most delicious chocolate to the world. It is also a country with a reliable economy and a model of good governance.

In terms of finances, Switzerland is promising. Seventy-one percent of expats reporter higher levels of disposable income, which contributes to an average expat salary of $ 111,587, which is 33 percent higher than the global average for expats.

Expats also enjoy Switzerland’s quality of life. With free time and disposable income, they can easily travel to neighboring countries of Germany, Italy or France for a long weekend. Maybe this is why Switzerland placed third in the United Nation’s World Happiness Report 2020.


Belize is the only Central American nation that uses English as its primary language. Apart from the lack of language barriers, it also promises affordable living. Another bonus: U.S. currency is accepted in this country.

U.S. citizens can stay in Belize for up to a month (without a visa). If you wish to extend your stay, you need to visit Belize’s immigration officer for an updated tourist stamp or visitor’s permit for up to a 90-day period. You must also renew your visa every 30 days after that. Once your stay reaches 50 weeks, you are free to apply for permanent residency. Approval, however, may take a few years.

To stay in Belize, you must have a passport valid for at least three months, a return ticket and sufficient funds to support yourself.


Singapore, a young country that gained its independence in 1965, is now a global hub for business and entertainment. The country’s openness to foreign investments has resulted in an inclusive culture that anyone in love with urbanization will fit right into the country.

Transportation is fast and easy in Singapore. Also, the country enjoys around 400 hours of sun per year, which gives you plenty of time to explore stunning sights, such as the Merlion Park, the Gardens by the Bay and the rainforest zoo.

If you have children, Singapore is the second great destination in the world for expats with children. Over 62 percent of expats say the country’s education system is better than in their home country and 69 percent admire how Singaporean schools teach languages to their children.


If you’re looking to start a new page, why not move to the happiest country in the world?

Finland placed first in the UN’s World Happiness Report in 2020 for the third time. Helsinki, the country’s capital, topped the well-being rankings. It comes as no surprise since the country prioritizes equality over its GDP, as evidenced by its excellent work-life balance, free healthcare and social safety net.

The sense of community practiced by the Finns encourages the locals to help each other. A third of the population volunteer for charity monthly whereas almost half regularly donate to good causes, reports the World Economic Forum.

In terms of gender equality, Finland is also promising. It remains the only country where dads spend more time with the kids compared to the moms. Plus, Finland placed third in the Women, Peace and Security Index of Georgetown University.


Career boost plus a lively urban and rural living plus egg coffee? Make the move to Vietnam.

In HSBC’s survey, Vietnam placed third for expats who wish to grow their career. You can enjoy a higher rate of disposable income in a country with low costs of living. Vietnam also placed fifth in the happiness ranking, which can be attributed to the country’s natural attractions and exciting culture.

Any of these countries could be your new home after the pandemic. COVID-19 may have canceled or postponed plans and major events, but it can’t stop you from planning for a potential future. Explore which country to call your next home.