Whether your Valentines’ date is a new beau or your spouse of 10 years, you’ll want your night to be special. You’ve already scored brownie points by reserving the best table at their favorite restaurant. The menu is beyond A+, and you’re in love with their caviar-topped selection. There’s one last thing you need to do: pick the most romantic wine to cap off the evening.

In a sense, all types of wine is romantic; in fact, sending over champagne for their date is a typical romantic gesture. But, in society that enjoys its drinks and drink selection, the world benefits from a vast selection of wine types.

There’s Wine for Romantics Out There

Are you the Hallmark Card type of romantic? The right wine label can set the tone for your special date. Plenty of wine brands have amorously-designed logos – some based on clever marketing, others on longstanding tradition. From the Wild Rock Estate in New Zealand, there’s a Pinot Noir called Cupid’s Arrow while in France, Domaine Jean-Louis Chave’s selection of wine includes an appellation called Mon Coeur, which translates to “my heart.”

Warming winter wines are also romantic. Their higher alcohol levels cause your cheeks to blush and seem like the perfect drinks you sip by the fire with your lover. Perfect examples of these are Australia’s fruit-forward Shiraz or the northern Rhône Valley savory and spice-laced drinks. If you’re into traditional drinks, Cabernet with a bit of bottle age is also perfect for a romantic night.

The Most Romantic Drink

When it comes to romantic wine selection, champagne is one of the top choices. While its claim of aphrodisiacal effects remains uncertain, it’s one of the most versatile wines out there. You can pair it with almost everything – from cheese and pasta to poultry and even wild game.

Champagne is great for any occasion since it’s considered a celebratory drink. Restaurant owners know this and often stock additional cases for New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Chances are, you and your date will have plenty of options to choose from.

Keep in mind that with champagne, each bottling still has a certain style. So, if your date is not a big fan of Extra-Brut’s strong flavor, reconsider another wine option.

Consider What Your Lover Loves

When it comes to choosing the most romantic drink, it all boils down to thinking about what your partner prefers. Do they have a taste for Sicilian reds? Do they prefer pairing their meals with blanc de noirs?

If you’re uncertain of their wine preferences, ask them what they’d like to drink. Better yet, hand them over the wine list and say, “Why don’t you pick our drinks for tonight?”

Doing so proves that the night is as much about their happiness as it is about yours.

If you and your date are already enjoying the night, any bottle of wine can enhance the romantic feel of your time together. But the one thing that makes a big difference between a good date and the best one ever is a wine that you both love – regardless of where it came from or its price tag.