Whether for work or leisure, being able to drive a car is both a privilege and a convenience, allowing you to commute or travel great distances at ease. That being said, owning a car can also be a lot of work and stress at times. From a puncture at the worst possible moment, to trying to book a service around your hectic work schedule, there are lots of things that can go wrong.

While you can carry out regular maintenance and checks on your vehicle to keep it in the best possible condition, there are still times your car will require professional care. Thankfully, there are services and protections that can make this a little easier and less stressful.

Mobile Servicing, MOTs and More

Gone are the days of dropping your car off at a garage before work, getting a taxi to the office and then making the mad dash back to collect your car before it closes. Instead, companies like Allied Autocare offer mobile servicing and MOTs, meaning that can carry out the work at a time and place that suits you.

Whether on your drive at home, in the car park at work or somewhere else, manufacturer approved checks can be done almost anywhere, saving you time and stress. There are many other mobile services too, including valeting, tyre changes, repairs, windscreen replacement and scratch removal.

A Good Breakdown Policy

Legally, anyone who owns or uses a car must ensure they have insurance and that that the vehicle they are using is taxed and has an up-to-date MOT – read more about this here. In addition, for peace of mind, it is advisable to select a good breakdown policy.

Should the worst happen, your car breaks down and you are stranded, a breakdown policy can provide road-side repair, recovery to the nearest garage and onward travel. For comprehensive cover, it is a good idea to select a policy that includes home-start and national recovery. This means you can get assistance if your car will not start at home, as well as ensure you are able to complete your journey and reach your intended destination.

Investing in an Extended Warranty

As well as choosing a good breakdown cover, an extended warranty can also take the stress out of owning a car. While a new vehicle will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty – these can range up to seven years or 100,000 miles – older cars do not have the same coverage.

This is where paying for an extended warranty can be beneficial. For a monthly fee, repair work on your car could be covered (with the exception of wear and tear). To find the right one for you, look carefully at the terms and research what the warranty covers.