Whether you are under stress or you simply want to avoid being stressed out, you can always resort to writing. Many studies have found that writing can have a therapeutic effect on your mind and body. When you do it in the right way and let your thoughts flow through your pen, you will feel much lighter and relaxed after the process. However, there is another, more complex form of writing, called automatic writing that actually works in a much different way.

More About Automatic Writing

The idea of using automatic writing is to make yourself accustomed to writing without conscious thought. By doing it regularly, you will be able to strengthen the connection between your unconscious mind and your physical realm. In other words, it is the tool used by clairvoyants and psychics to transcribe messages from the ethereal world. By learning to do it correctly, you will be able to have an insight into your life and make it possible to connect to your higher self.

Most people try automatic writing usually when they want to receive some spiritual guidance or simply want to connect with a loved one. But, you can use this guide to automatic writing to improve your sense of spirituality, especially if you are new to psychic powers.

  • Avoid distractions as much as possible. You cannot expect to connect with your inner-self or the ethereal world if you have all sorts of things distracting you. It is important first to learn how to leave worldly concerns behind and focus on your subconscious mind to develop a connection to your higher self.
  • Select a specific spiritual being when you start. It works well for someone who has just started practicing their psychic powers. You can do it by writing down their name on a piece of paper, or you can simply start calling them by their name. It is important to keep thinking about that spirit throughout the process and learn to open your aura to them.

  • Work with a clear mind. It is easy said than done and requires lots of practice to achieve the right state of mind for automatic writing to work. The thing is that no matter what you do, your mind is constantly thinking. It is important to develop the skills to switch off your rational thought and focus on spiritual forces. Let those forces take control of things, and you will be in a better position to make automatic writing work for you. A good way to have more control over your thought process is to practice meditation. It will help clear your mind and make it easier to align your spiritual center.

The fact of the matter is that you can take advantage of automatic writing to connect with your higher self and receive messages from the spirits world, but you have to learn how to have better control over your thought process to get good results.