Do you have a junk car that you are looking to sell? Usually, when one has a junk car wasting space on the property, the owner is unsure how to sell it. The local salvage yard can be a useful starting reference, but here are some tricks and tips that will help you sell your junk car with minimum hassles while making a profit.

Finding the licensed salvage dealer

It will help if you start by searching for a reputed salvage dealer like the Junk Car Genie. Keep in mind that your salvage dealer needs to be licensed and insured. Always check the service’s customer reviews and website to find out the essential details to avoid unwelcome surprises down the line. You can also ask your friends, family, and neighbors to recommend avoiding the blacklisted ones.

Keep vehicle info handy

If you are looking to sell your junk car, it is vital to have all the information and the details about the vehicle arranged and close by. Information about the make, model, year, mileage, present condition, and the title/deeds paper are vital facts that you need to keep handy.

Ask for a quote

When selling your junk car, you will need to do a bit of window shopping. Ask around and get, at the very least, three quotations from different used car dealers. This will allow you to compare the deals and choose the right one according to your wishes. Keep in mind that the heavier your vehicle is, the higher you can sell it for. The value of the car also increases with the number of usable and available parts. Therefore, depending on the condition of your vehicle, the quote will be higher.

Set the pick-up time

Once you finish with the negotiations, t is vital for you to set a pick -p time for the vehicle’s transportation. Salvage yards might offer free towing service, but it is still critical to ask in advance about the pick-up service. However, some services will provide you with more for sale if you are arranging for self-pickup service.

Understand all the paperwork

It would help if you went through all the laws and legislations regarding the selling of junk cars. There might be paperwork necessary before you can scrap the entire body of the vehicle. Therefore, make sure of all the paperwork when negotiating with the used car dealer before signing on the dotted line. Often, the dealership service will arrange for a clerk to help you with all the paperwork, document, and signatures.

Notify the insurance provider/DMV of the sale

Lastly, it is vital to notify the insurance provider and the DMV of the vehicle’s sale/trade or donation. You can notify online or with a simple phone call. Often the service will arrange for the notification, so ask your questions while arranging for the details.

Keep these simple tips in mind when you are looking to sell your junk car to make a quick profit without the procedure’s hassles. All the best!