If you are a teen in the North East who has recently had or is approaching your 17th birthday, then it is likely that one of the things you are most interested in right now is learning to drive and getting your first car. Of course, passing the driving theory and practical tests can take a lot of time and effort, and this can also mean a lot of expense in terms of lessons and study resources.

Luckily, there are some ways you can try to keep the cost of learning to drive and passing your test down. There isn’t really any way of doing it for free, so you will need some money from your parents or a job to do it, but if you follow this advice you should be able to spend less than some other people do in the process of learning to drive legally and safely.


  • Make the Most of Free Online Resources


When you are studying the Highway Code and learning what you need to know for your theory test, there are some very good free online services that can really help you. A great free online resource for studying for your theory test is TopTests.co.uk.  This is a site where you can take mock versions of the real driving theory test with randomised questions as many times as you like. This can not only help you learn the right answers but also get you used to the types of questions you will have to deal with in the test and assess when you are ready to book your theory test and do it.


  • Shop Around For Driving Instructors


When it comes to driving schools, there are of course the big names that have schools all over the country, as well as smaller independent local businesses. You can often get a better deal on your lessons by looking at a few different driving instructors and getting quotes on lesson prices from all of them. Of course, it is a false economy if the cheaper teacher isn’t very good and you end up needing more lessons, so also check out reviews of the different driving schools you are considering online, and ask your friends who are already learning if they have any good recommendations for you. You may also be able to get your lessons cheaper by booking them in blocks or even booking a full course, rather than paying for lessons one at a time.


  • Practice with Your Family


When you have a provisional license it is, in many cases, legal for you to be behind the wheel on the road when supervised by an experienced driver. This means you can get lots of free practice by driving with your parents or other family members. Remember that they won’t have the dual control cars the driving school has, so it is best to wait to do this until you already have had a few lessons and can drive safely.

Learning to drive is well worth the investment, but with these tips, you can avoid spending more than you have to.