You flip through magazines showing exquisite backyards and think you could never achieve that because you have a small space. However, it is not about how much area you have to decorate; it is how you use it. Here are some tips for creating a magical yard with limited square footage.

Know Your Vision

Regardless of the size of the yard you are working with, you need to know your vision. What theme are you wanting? What will the area be used for? These questions help you stay focused when selecting furniture, accessories, and plants. However, you will also need to know what elements you struggle with. For example, what does the drainage look like, or is your ground lacking nutrients? It is common for people to quit before they even begin because they did not create a vision board for space.

Color Scheme

Colors are used to bring emotions every time you walk into the area. You will want to limit how many shades you select. It is best to go with one main hue and then two complementary colors for the accents. Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Use only colors you love.
  • Think about how they work with the vision.
  • Consider what you will look at daily when you glance outside your windows.
  • What emotions or moods are you wanting (peace, romance, whimsical, etc.)


While colors reach emotions and vision, textures speak to the sense of touch. They invite people to interact with the environment and enjoy the space. For example, you can blend soft touches from pillows with rigid from stone walkways. Balance comes from combining the perfect combination of textures.

  • Plants
  • Different ground types (gravel, sand, grass, painted cement, stone, etc.)
  • outdoor furniture material (rough rattan with soft throw pillows)

Freedom of Movement

Unless you desire to have the same feeling as indoors, you will want to ensure freedom of movement in the garden. Wind flowing through space should be encouraged, as well as a person wanting to walk around. The following can be used to help people see the wind:

  • Grass (a mixture of tall and short)
  • Water features
  • Trees
  • Willow (or similar) plants

Bits of Whimsical Goes a Long Way

Every area benefits from a few whimsical elements. Consider small garden gnomes or pinwheels around bushes, possible stone frogs on platforms in a water feature. Do not go overboard unless your theme is to create an enchanting, fairy-style space. These pieces become talking points and draw the eye to the various areas. Consider them as small embellishments to your garden.


Finally, bring your design to completion by unifying it with furniture purchased from They are the main feature and are designed to last a long time. Consider weather-resistance and maintenance when shopping for these pieces. Tables and chairs should be easy to clean and comfortable. With small spaces, consider bistro tables or lounge chairs with side tables. They do not require much room but offer the same benefits as large items. Ultimately, you want to fill the space with enough aspects to complete a look without overcrowding.