Because of economic developments, as well as changes to traditional business models and office setups, it’s common for couples these days to be confronted by long distances between them. College students deal with this problem, as do young professionals whose career goals and work require them to move away from their partners.

There’s always the fear that long-distance relationships don’t work out and that distance between partners could complicate matters. According to the co-heads of Couples Therapy at the Weill Cornell Medical Center, there is a higher risk of separation in long-distance relationships.

However, there is also a potential benefit when couples make the long-distance relationship work. Research shows that long-distance couples tend to have the same satisfaction as couples who are geographically close to each other.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, how can you and your partner make it work? We recommend these tips:

#1: Make Technology Your Best Friend

Thanks to technology, it’s easier to keep in touch with your partner. Using social media and messaging apps, you can share photos, texts, videos and audios in real-time.

Know when your partner is free so you can call or text them at the right time. Update them about how you’re doing, whether it’s about something mundane at work or a big event.

#2: Don’t Communicate Every Day

Although regular communication keeps the relationship alive, providing and receiving daily updates may be exhausting to you and your partner. Try going on a few days without talking to your significant other so that you’ll have plenty of interesting conversations to look forward to in a couple of days.

#3: Do Things Together

Being separated by distance doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. “Go outside” while on a video call or plan a movie night together through Skype. Recommend books, movies, music and TV shows to each other. By reading, listening or watching the same things, you have more shared experiences to discuss.

#4: Mail Gifts

Don’t rely solely on technology to maintain the excitement in the relationship. Connect with your partner by sending gifts like postcards and love letters. Take your efforts a step further by finding a reliable champagne delivery service to send your partner their favourite bottle of bubbly.

#5: Set Boundaries and Rules

Stay out of situations, within reason, that might make your partner feel threatened or uncomfortable. You don’t need to check in or get approval for everything, but at least set clear boundaries and rules that work for both of you. Agree on what time you’ll talk on the phone, how often you’ll be going out with friends, who is contacting who and so on.

#6: Don’t Forget to Prioritise Yourself

As important as it is to invest in your relationship while you’re apart, you also have to make yourself a priority. Make time for family and friends, as well as hobbies. It’s unhealthy if you rely on your partner to be your sole source of happiness.

Long-distance relationships are never easy-just the distance itself makes certain things unachievable, or, at the very leads, challenging. But, with effort and the right expectations and mindset, you can have a relationship that thrives despite the distance.