Team building exercises are absolutely essential, providing you want your employees to work together peacefully and harmoniously. Team building exercises can, unfortunately, grow very tiresome, and become stale rather quickly. You need to constantly adapt your team-building exercises to suit the time and mustn’t use antiquated and old school team-building exercises that are no longer relevant. This page will offer six creative and up to date activities that you can use for your next team-building exercise. Keeping your team entertained is paramount during these exercises, lest they become disinterested and little sinks in. 

To maximize efficiency and effectivity in your team, you must captivate your audience, appeal to them, and hope that when they return to your office or workplace that they continue in the spirit set forward by the team building program.

Here are the top six creative activities for your next team-building exercise.


A great way to stay relevant and appeal to your team is through music. Music changes generationally, and for example, if you were orchestrating a team-building exercise in the nineteen sixties, you might want to play Jimi Hendrix or The Beatles, whereas now, that might not be such a good idea. The professional video conversion service Viddly YouTube Downloader is one of many great programs available to aid you in downloading music. You can download music or videos from these services (providing they are not copyrighted, as that is against the law) and play them during slideshows or presentations. 

By providing up to date music, you will interest and captivate your audience, thereby getting your point across and really reaching them. Music is always a wonderful way to speak to people, so be sure to choose your songs and artists effectively. You can even try out karaoke, as it has proven to be very successful in these exercises. Music is a lot of fun.

Outdoor Retreats

Outdoor team-building retreats are one of the most effective methods of team building. They not only allow your team to become more acquainted during the course but outside the course also. Team building retreats will often take place over a week period in a hotel or resort. They are a wonderful way for your team members to bond and make friends with one another, and a wonderful way for you to become personally acquainted with every single member of your team. Outdoor retreats are definitely something to consider when with regard to team-building exercises.

Campfire Stories

Campfire stories are a tried and tested method of building friendships and familiarity with your team members and themselves. Campfire Stories is a team-building exercise that consists of your team members sitting in a circle (not around a fire, unfortunately) and telling one another amusing anecdotes that have taken place back at your workplace. Campfire Stories is a great exercise that can be highly effective. It is important to add here that if members of your team are shy, you must not pressure them into exercises like this, lest they grow resentful and consider leaving your company. Anxiety can be a detriment to team-building exercises, yet you must not force those who are anxious to participate.

Who Am I?

Who am I? is a really fun game that can double as a wonderful team-building exercise. You can put the paper on each other’s heads with the names of employees on them, and have your team guess them. That way, they can become more familiar with one another and have a laugh at one another too. Be sure to nip it in the bud and issue strict punishment if any bullying takes place, as workplace bullying can be very cruel. Bullying is absolutely unacceptable anywhere, whether it be the schoolyard or the office, and must be stamped out immediately. Allowing bullying to take place on a retreat is virtually sitting back and promoting a bullying culture.


Team jigsaw is a simple yet fun team building game. Teams must complete a jigsaw within a fixed timeframe, the only catch being, members of the other team have crucial pieces of the puzzle. The teams must negotiate with one another and work together to complete their puzzle and win the prize. This promotes positive interactions between your team members and can lead to friendships being conceived.


Tied-up is a great game that can be a lot of fun when incorporated into a team-building exercise. Teammates are tied together and can only escape by communicating with one another. Tied-up is a lot of fun when used effectively and can create lifelong friendships.

Now you know six activities to have scheduled in at your next team-building exercises. The quality of your team-building exercise weighs heavily on the activities scheduled, so be careful and meticulous in your planning and ensure you pick effectively.