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Top 9 Car Checks Before Taking that Trip

In the past, it used to be that before you went on a long trip, you would ensure that you filled up your car with gas, packed some snacks, and put on a CD to listen to. However, these days, your vehicle is much more than a mode of transportation. It’s also one of your biggest investments.

The average cost to maintain a vehicle in the United States is $8,697 per year, and with that can come its fair share of headaches. If you’re taking your vehicle on that long trip to your favorite vacation spot, you should do a few things to check before you leave. What exactly will you need? Safety first. Here is a list of things to do before you hit the road for a few days:

While you’re under there, have a look at your battery’s connections. Are they clean? Are they corroded? Corrosion can cause electrical problems that can affect ABS, airbags, and sensors. Learn more about car sensors here at avoid these issues in the future, and we recommend these preventative steps:








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