It is so essential that you enroll in a degree course that you are genuinely interested in and passionate about. However, you do not just dive in without understanding the job market for that skill set. Education is, after all, an investment for the future. You want to be in a position where your chances of landing into a job are high. That is why we have this great list of top degrees that will get you hired in 2020.

Health science and Healthcare Administration

The health sector has been challenged by the pandemic leaving more room for work in various settings. All the same, the increase in life expectancy has brought with it the need for more care, increasing demand for workers in the sector. Therefore, if you are a critical and analytical thinker and good at communication, you should consider getting a Health Science and Healthcare Administration. There is an estimated 21% increase in demand by 2025, and salaries increase with education.


The demand for nurses has grown steadily and shot-up in 2020 due to the pandemic and is expected to rise much faster than before. This is good news for any student intending to pursue nursing, and this guide should lead you to a conclusive decision if you have any doubts. A career in nursing is highly valued all over the world.


The projected growth within the pharmacology industry is 25%, with an unemployment rate of 3%. It is at the top of the list of highly sought degrees. A bachelor’s degree is required to work in the field, and more opportunities with higher salaries present themselves with further schooling.


With the current uproar on mental health, getting a degree in psychology is an in-thing at this time, with an estimated  20% increase in demand through the years. Therapy and counseling take place in institutions and is available for individuals. They are highly encouraged to cope with the mental health issues that have been there through time but hidden due to stigma. As more people get sensitized, they appreciate the value of simply having someone to confidently talk to, every once in a while, even as a habit. With a master’s degree, you can conduct research, and it will be rewarding.


The education sector is currently going through a shift. If you want to be part of the group that rows this ship forward to prepare the next generation for success, enroll. You will come in handy as the world struggles with a shortage of teachers while the demand keeps rising. The biggest reward of being in the teaching industry is that you will be making a significant impact in the lives of the young generation and the one to come. Teachers are simply priceless.

Information Technology

As the world graduates from gold and oil to data, you bet the field of information technology is the next hottest thing. Information technology focuses on the intersection of both hardware and software computer systems and using them to share data while setting up tools for data storage. This is a field responsible for the employment of a major section of the skilled population. It also leaves so much room for self-employment since data is spread throughout the world, and every sector needs a supply of its data, process it, and preserve it.

Business administration

A degree in business administration will give a statement of an all-rounded business person fit as a manager, analyst, owner, and even training and development specialist. It is termed as the best way to get into a legitimate business career. Even if you plan to run your business, you’ll be far more successful with a degree.

Human Resource Management

Human resource managers will be highly sourced as organizations keep cropping up. They help to deal with people, manage hiring, developmental resources, and help maintain equality within the organization. The course work involves psychology classes and conflict resolution. The field is growing with an estimation of 9% by 2025.

Architecture and Computer science

Artificial intelligence is the new norm in business. In the field of architecture, there is a demand for skilled architects to meet the demand for AI-enabled products and services. This would require some knowledge in computer science, data science, or AI. The aim is to hire an AI architect with an understanding of the technical concepts. You should therefore get a degree in Computer science and study architecture on the side. The demand for traditional architects is growing increasingly low.

There are more ideas of degrees that can get you hired in 2020 because, after all, the world lives on, and we keep improving. When selecting a course, stay future-oriented. The future is smart. The future is online. Should you choose humanitarian paths, let your study package be in a sense that you can approach and serve people the digital way, while maintaining humanness. There is plenty of room for the smart.