It’s easy to spend lots of quality time taking your horse out on a hack or training them in the field, but it’s just as important to put time into caring for them and grooming them. Whilst it may not be quite as exciting spending time in the stables, the effort you put into looking after your horse will be very well received and help to enhance your relationship even further. From daily hacks to frequent grooming, we’ve gathered our top tips and pieces of advice to help you properly care for your horse.

Supplement Choices

To ensure your horse maintains a good condition it’s often beneficial to invest in some supplements. You often find that frequent working horses in particular need a little boost with supplements, to keep their nutrition levels up and maintain a healthy diet. With well-known brands like TopSpec, NAF and Gold Label providing a huge range of supplements for all different requirements, you can ensure your horse is getting exactly what they need with the trust of a reputable brand providing the products. Take a look online at retailer Petwell to identify the different needs your horse may have, along with which supplements are suitable for those needs.

Hydration Levels

Whether they’re in the stable or outside enjoying the fresh air in the field, your horse’s hydration levels need to be monitored. Horses should always have access to clean, fresh water throughout the day and night to keep them topped up and healthy. Be sure to check your horses’ water frequently in case it gets knocked over or emptied faster than you normally expect it too.

Grooming Tips

Not only does grooming your horse keep them clean and fresh, but it also helps you to build your relationship and become closer. The more quality time you spend with your horse, the more they’ll respect you and be loyal to you. There is a lot more to grooming your horse than just cleaning them, you need to know what to look for and when to care for certain areas. For example, during the winter months it’s important to check their skin for any irritation if they’ve been outside wearing a rug, just like during the summer months you may want to check for bites from any pests that hover around.

You should aim to give your horse some form of groom every day, with a longer groom when needed. This will help to keep your horse feeling fresh and looking good, as well as helping to keep their blood circulating and skin in good condition.

Food and Diet

Knowing what to feed your horse is very important, as just as supplements their food needs to be suited to their individual requirements. When your horse is outside, they should have access to fresh grass to eat as and when they please, as this is the best source of nutrition for them. Similarly, they may like to eat fresh hay, so you need to identify which your horse likes best and provide them with the right amount.

Stable Conditions

Keeping your horses stable clean and tidy is just as important as feeding them and grooming them. If you leave your horses stable a mess, it will affect them in many different ways. You wouldn’t live in a messy home, so don’t make your horse live in a messy stable. Aim to give the stable a good clean every week, with a quick once over each day to remove any mess and keep things fresh.