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Top marks for Linskill Book Fair !

The Linskill Book Fair 2019 was simply the best ever for lots of reasons: the support from our community with donated books was phenomenal, the project involved the largest number of volunteers to date and the attendance figures were the highest ever . . . . more importantly the proceeds from the book sales over the three days totalled an amazing £6,246! It was an amazing community effort from start to finish with a lot of hard work and endeavour from our team of fabulous volunteers.

You can see there was a real community vibe at the Book Fair and it attracted a wide range of people, from book enthusiasts to toddlers, all taking the opportunity to stock up on reading materials or add to their book collections. There is still money coming in from the online sale of collectable books, so  hopefully the amount raised for the Linskill Centre will creep up to the £7,000 mark – a fitting reward for the endeavours of our Linskill volunteers and support staff.

As we approach National Volunteers Week this project encapsulates the ethos of volunteering and the contribution and impact it can make within the community.

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