Spending time behind a desk isn’t for everyone. The thought of spending your working day sitting down in the office might not be that appealing if you’re more active or like constantly changing scenery. Below, we explore the top non-office jobs to consider.

Outdoor instructor

If you’re particularly active, then becoming an outdoor instructor might be the career for you. This refers to any job where you’re teaching outdoors. Be it hill walking, rock climbing, water sports or archery. To begin this journey you’ll need to consider what you’re passionate about. From there, you’ll need to get qualifications from a national body. But with enough dedication you should be well set to begin your outdoor adventure.

Healthcare professional

Some healthcare professionals will spend time in the office, but for plenty it’s a moving job. Those who work in hospitals spend plenty of time walking around the ward. Meanwhile, physios and other specialists will often conduct visits and operate in a more mobile way. Plus, there are paramedics who’ll spend most of their time on the move in the ambulance.

Mobile mechanic

If you like cars and driving, then becoming a mobile mechanic could be an excellent choice. Rather than waiting in a fixed garage, you’ll be out and about helping fixing people’s vehicles on the go. Naturally, you’ll need to have experience as a mechanic to perform in this role, or you could work towards getting a diploma to learn the skills required. Once you’re all set, you’ll just need mobile mechanic insurance to keep you covered when you’re out and about.

IT specialist

Working as an IT specialist can also get you out the office too. As a competent IT professional, you’ll be called out to all sorts of different locations for consulting work and to make any repairs. This can allow you to lead a lifestyle where you aren’t tethered to one office and instead work from all sorts of different locations. Naturally though, you’ll need the right qualifications and experience.


Working in the army is one of the top non-office jobs. You’ll spend most of your time outdoors training and then when you’re deployed, you’ll mostly be working out of a base as well. This can be a career that suits active, fit people that enjoy physical challenges. And there’s little chance of you finding yourself in an office until much later on in your career.

Working in an office isn’t for everyone, and there are plenty of alternatives out there. From working as an outdoor instructor to operating as a mobile mechanic, there are all sorts of careers you can train for that will offer you something different.