Many hen and stag groups go overseas to celebrate this special occasion. From sunny locations like Benidorm and Marbella to more vibrant capitals like Budapest and Amsterdam, there are many choices when deciding to take these types of parties abroad. Last Night of Freedom, hen and stag planning experts, have given us 10 top tips that you can use when you are planning a hen or stag weekend abroad.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan

This happens to be the first tip for a very good reason. This is especially true if you decide to head abroad to celebrate a hen or a stag party. It is vitally important that you have planned everything down to the last detail in advance. Early planning will allow the guests to save this date, the cash and to organize health insurance and visas when necessary. It also offers the opportunity for the attendees to get their bodies ready for the beach for all those social media pics.

  1. Research the Location

You need to choose the location with care and make sure that you take into account the activities, costs and the type of weather at this time of the year. For example, if the Groom or Bride-to-Be prefers culture, rather choose a popular city break. Or if they prefer the sand, sea, and sun choose one of the beach destinations in the months of summer such as an Albufeira hen do or stag do.

  1. Research the Group

It is really important to find out more about the group that you are traveling with before heading off. This will include social purposes, and also communicating or meeting the people that are invited in order to discuss health issues or dietary requirements which are important to plan a successful trip.

  1. Communicate

As soon as you can, set-up either a Facebook or Whatsapp group with all the people invited. This is the ideal way to break the ice, talk about every aspect involved in the trip and to make sure everyone is on the same page. It is also the ideal way to stay in contact while you are on the trip, should anyone get lost or stray away.

  1. Create An Itinerary

Instead of just going with the flow once you get there, rather create a planned itinerary for the trip. This should include the dates, an estimate of times and the venues. If you prefer simplicity in your life, you can also choose to use the services from the hen and stag planning experts from Last Night of Freedom, to create a customized itinerary for your group.

  1. Develop A Checklist

It is really important that everyone going on the trip has packed the correct items, and this is why a list becomes handy to make sure you have everything that you will need. Consider the essentials, which include currency, passports, sun cream and more and send the message to all the people attending. This is also a great way to discuss who will be taking what.

  1. Learn About the Lingo

It is not expected that you should become fluent in a language such as Spanish for your weekend in Marbs, yet learning a couple of the key phrases will only benefit you when you get there. Even if you only learn how to ask the prices of things or how to order drinks and food, the locals usually appreciate these efforts which will contribute to an easier and more enjoyable trip.

  1. Fancy Dress

Regardless of whether this includes personalized T-shirts or fancy dress-up costumes, uniting the group in outfits that match will assist you with identifying the group when you are in a crowd, and it can also add to the fun of the trip.

  1. Budget

Make sure you have a budget in mind in the earlier stages of planning the event. We know that you don’t want to be a party pooper, but it is best to decide on a budget for each day. This will help to prevent those embarrassing “can I borrow some money?” conversations, and help everyone pace themselves.

  1. Pace Yourselves

It is very easy to get caught up in the fun with the summer sun and cheap booze, but it is best to still be aware of your consumption and your surroundings. Peeling skin and sunstroke can ruin the trip, especially if the date of your wedding is not far away.