Everyone loves coming home to a perfectly clean home. Everyone also loves coming home, dropping everything onto the floor in the middle of the room, and flopping onto the sofa for the night, whilst totally forgetting about the mess they’ve made! It’s one thing to like having a clean home, it’s another thing finding the time and energy to actually clean it. If you, like me, are one of those people who desperately want a clean home but often lacks the will to actually do the cleaning, read on to find out our top ways to easily clean your house. At least one of these tips will surely help you.

Hire A Cleaner

Our first tip, believe it or not, is to not clean your house yourself, at all! These days, professional cleaners are so widely available and easily affordable that our top tip is to hire a weekly cleaner! We spoke to the owners of https://www.well-polished.com/who told us that “Affordable, professional cleaners are a perfect way to make sure your home is regularly cleaned to the highest standards without breaking the bank.” We could not agree more. With many cleaners costing as little as £10 per hour, you could be keeping your house clean for as little as £15 a week. Obviously, if you have a huge home, the price will increase, but the time you will save for yourself is, we believe, quite worth it. 

Not only is it affordable and a great time-saving option, but hiring a professional cleaner also means you know you’ll be getting the best cleaning job every single time. When cleaning ourselves we may miss things or cut corners, but a professional isn’t going to do this in your home. If you really don’t think you’ll ever be good at sticking to a cleaning routine, we strongly recommend hiring a regular cleaner.

Have A System

If you decide that you do want to tackle the cleaning in your home yourself, our first and most important tip in terms of time-saving is to make sure you have a system. Always start your cleaning and end your cleaning the same way. For example, you could start every clean by walking room to room collecting waste and recycling. Then, work from room to room sorting any misplaced items. When you get to the cleaning, start in the same spot in each room and work your way to the other side. This way you are always moving forwards and not getting distracted by other jobs mid-clean. 

The same applies when thinking about your actual cleaning methods. If you start each room by dusting, then cleaning surfaces, then working on the floor, you’ll keep yourself moving along quickly and do a great job without forgetting anything. Have a system and stick to it, you’ll notice hours falling off your cleaning time.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Tools

Another top tip for cleaning is to upgrade to new cleaning tools. Many of us don’t realize the problem lies with our equipment when we’re mopping and can’t get the floor to sparkle or hoovering and picking nothing up. An old dirty mop isn’t going to make a floor look shiny and new now, is it? Buying a simple, effective set of cleaning utensils is a must. As is replacing them as they get worn. Items like hoovers or floor cleaners need to be maintained regularly to avoid blockages or mechanical faults. We know that this seems to be adding more work to your list, but, actually doing this will save hours from your cleaning time and leave you far less frustrated.

Making Natural Cleaning Products

Another thing many people struggle with is cutting through grease and grime no matter what they use. Many conventional cleaning products are made cheaply and are ineffective, or are very strong and can cause damage to your skin, animals, and the environment. There are some really great homemade cleaning product recipes available online which have shown to be just as effective as their commercially sold counterparts. For example, did you know that mixing baking soda with warm water and a little vinegar makes an incredible oven grease cleaner? Trust us, we’ve tried it – it works. Search for any specific cleaning issue you have online and there’s almost certainly a recipe that could help you very quickly.

With these top tips you should find yourself coming home to a clean home far more often, whilst putting far less effort in (and making fewer excuses!) We hope you have found them helpful and are looking to implement some of them right away. Enjoy your new clean home.