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Try these new test preparation tips for SAT

We know you are ready to give everything it would take to get into your dream college, but mostly, it will require hard work and dedication. We know you want to nail the upcoming SAT, and you surely have the potential to do so, but your preparation needs to be more systematic than ever. Not just nail the SAT, you need to have proper goals, like, what is the score you aiming for? While it will depend on your dream college, it’s always better to write it down.

You see, practice is definitely necessary but it is equally important to be systematic and goal-oriented. Below, we have rounded up tips and tricks, to ensure the same.

  1. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses

If you think you will wait until your preparation is completely over to comprehend the areas that need improvement, you need to re-think. Besides, you will never be done with your preparation, your progress must be monitored in tandem with your strengths and weaknesses.

Even if there are months before the test, early diagnosis of your skillset will only make things easier. Naturally, if you know beforehand where you are lacking, you will allocate more time and attention to that particular section and vice versa.

It is important to establish your routines that way. Also, remember not to be discouraged, irrespective of your current state. This is not your final version and it certainly doesn’t define your success. Appear for practice tests and don’t forget to tone it just like the actual SATs, this will help you decipher your own self.

  1. Mix it up

If you are too SAT oriented, naturally, after some time, it will be boring and hectic, reducing your efficiency. It doesn’t need to be that way. If you want to get amazing results, and the score you desire, you need to study outside the box.

You can always divert yourself from your daily SAT material to editorial articles and essays. Articles printed in the daily will also serve your purpose. Read books in bulk, and gain cultural awareness and world knowledge.

But remember, none of the reading can replace the learnings from your SAT material. But to score big in this competitive exam of SAT, it needs to be a collective effort. You just cannot depend on one thing, and it cannot be like either SAT Material or out of the box approaches. Like the point said in the beginning, mix it up and learn and to keep a balance.

  1. Don’t forget to take breaks

This tip will be effective for all the competitive exams, not just SATs. I always suggest students not to study for long hours straight. Otherwise, after a certain point in time, your efficiency will walk out of the window. Thus, divide your SAT prep schedule with proper breaks.
For instance, if you study for 45 minutes and take a break for 15 minutes, it would be more efficient than studying 3 hours straight. Numbers are not the only thing that matters. How you study and how much is getting into your head equally matters.

Fast forward to the night before the big day. Don’t over-pressurize yourself and relax. Trust your hardwork and refrain from studying until the last minute. It will not only lower your confidence but also make you weary and restless.

  1. On the big day

Again, fast forward to the last night before the SAT. I know the stress is at its peak and your heart doesn’t seem to come back to a normal pace. But you need to understand what’s done and you have given your all.

Get a good night’s sleep, at least aim for 8 to 9 hours straight. Trust me, there are students, for whom a peaceful night’s sleep has actually made the difference. So, go to bed early, and wake up at the right time.

Starting your day early on the SAT day is important for you to prepare well. Pack your bag, take everything that is needed, and eat a healthy breakfast. Dress up well and try to leave early. You wouldn’t mind reaching early, but would surely curse yourself if you reach even a minute late.

It all comes down to how bad do you want it? If it is bad enough, you would surely find a way to get your dream score. This was my attempt to help you with this endeavor.

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