From the makers of Near Gone and Manpower comes a new, highly visual show, Declining Solo.

What is it like to be a child to a parent who is changing, aging; no longer the person our memories carry. 

Katherina Radeva (born in Bulgaria) explores her father’s decline in a new work using music, text and dance. Using memories of her father, Kat’s experience of living far away from her place of birth – and experiences in a fast-changing world, Declining Solo is a deeply honest show about our mortality and how we feel it most keenly when watching those we love change.  

Inside a set built of huge pieces of paper suspended from the ceiling, Alister Lownie narrates, representing the stream of consciousness in Katherina’s mind, as she travels through the story of her relationship with a father she no longer recognises, and a world that seems increasingly unwelcoming. Video taken in Katherina’s father’s home is intertwined with stories of her childhood, through to the present day where she finds the man who taught her how to navigate the world can no longer navigate his. 

Two Destination Language have adopted a way of working that suits the current climate for theatre makers, bringing in practitioners from specialisms across the theatre spectrum to help get ideas onto the stage. Led by artists Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie, Two Destination Language’s work explores questions of identity, belonging and culture.