• UK’s CBD market doubled in size in 2018
  • CBD Asylum’s display unit encourages impulse purchases with a range of CBD products for under £20

CBD innovator CBD Asylum has launched the first counter display unit to include a range of CBD products, in a bid to help retailers bring Cannabidiol to the masses.

The UK CBD market doubled in size last year, and the global CBD market is on course to hit $2.2bn by 2020*. But in the UK, most CBD products are bought online, or through specialist retailers such as gyms, health outlets or vaping shops.

Extracted from hemp, CBD is entirely free of THC, the psychoactive agent in cannabis, making it a safe and legal natural product with well documented benefits to health and wellbeing. People often use CBD to help with depression, insomnia, anxiety, joint pain/inflammation and to help both physical and mental recovery post-workout.

With consumer feedback revealing that knowing where to buy CBD is a big barrier to purchase, CBD Asylum entered talks with Debang, GAP Convenience Distribution, Petroshops, GWD and SS Distribution to create a display unit which would allow CBD to be bought as an impulse purchase at convenience and forecourt retailers. Research from the Brightfield Group shows that 80 per cent of CBD users use it at least once a week and 41 per cent use it daily**.

The CBD Asylum counter display unit is self-contained, offering a range of CBD products, all retailing at under £20. Products available include 10ml of 2.5% CBD Oil; two flavours of a disposable CBD Stik vape device; 60ml Pro Shot Beverage Enhancer, to be added to drinks; and three flavours of CBD e-liquid in two different strengths (100mg and 250mg). The unit also includes information leaflets providing more details about CBD and the products, which shoppers can take away with them.

Liam Jones, CEO at CBD Asylum, said: “There can often be confusion about CBD, but it is perfectly safe and absolutely legal. With medicinal cannabis recently being approved for use on prescription in the UK, the benefits to physical and mental wellbeing from this amazing plant have been even more in the news. However, it can be difficult for people to know how to go about trying it. Currently, if CBD is in more mainstream retail outlets, it tends to be hidden away, or it’s just one type of product which wouldn’t appeal to everyone. We wanted to do something which would allow the benefits of CBD to be experienced by the masses in a way which wasn’t off-putting or confusing for them – and which was at a price point which felt comfortable.

“CBD hasn’t really been positioned as a FMCG before, but we believe that’s what it is. Depending on the strength of product you’re using and how often, you’re likely to restock once a week or once a fortnight. CBD isn’t a specialist product, it’s something people in all walks of life can benefit from – but they need help being able to buy the right product for them easily and conveniently.”

The unit is available to retailers at £394.90 (excl VAT) with a margin of up to 40 per cent at RRP.

For more information visit www.cbdasylum.com. Retailers wishing to enquire about stocking CBD Asylum products can call 01482 321868 or email info@cbdasylum.com