If you’re one of those Minecraft fanatics, addicted to this virtual 3D world for hours on end, or know someone that is, then we have the perfect item for you. Introducing the Minecraft Creeper Backpack from Noisy Sauce. Taking your fan base to a whole new level!

Enjoy the wonders of this eye-catching and visually stunning backpack, with a pop of vivid green. Down to the finest detail this bag screams Minecraft, with an iconic pixilated design, this bag doesn’t just look good but also serves its purpose, with so much storage hidden within. Simply unzip section by section to reveal an endless amount of places to stash all your gadgets and gizmos, including 1 large inside pocket with interior pockets, additional side pockets and a zip up front pocket, which reveals a stunning TNT print inside.

For those parents who have lost their kids to Minecraft, then this backpack might just be the answer to all your prayers. Surprise them with this Minecraft Backpack and you might just get them away from their computers and out adventuring, showing off their latest stylish backpack to all their friends. It could even make a great backpack for those family days out, who knows, you might get more then 2 words out of them!

So if you’re a lover of all things Minecraft or know someone that is, then it is certainly a product you need to get your hands on, before it’s too late! Look super stylish anywhere. Whether it’s at home, in the office, at school, college or for your next road trip. Be sure to have your Minecraft backpack by your side and you can’t go far wrong, with all your essentials beautifully disguised.

The Minecraft Creeper Backpack is available from Noisy Sauce for £24.99.