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Upgrade Your Shave

Upgrade Your Shave

It’s time to your shave with the quintessential and timeless Cavendish Premium Shaving Kit. Now you can bin those doolally, non-recyclable and quite frankly cut-throat disposable razors without any faff and upgrade your routine with some class, style and substance. You’ll be chuffed to bits with how it makes shaving a doddle.

This exceptional kit makes the boring and mundane task of shaving away your whiskers into a pleasurable and relaxing experience. The contemporary set has everything you need to start the day a traditional way. It’s a great for old chaps and the young men alike.

If you prefer a full, clean shave without any kerfuffle then this kit will leave your skin fresh, soft and clean. If you’d rather neaten up around your moustache to make your spiffing handlebars stand out, then this razor is jolly good for those precise and splendid strokes that will allow you pull off a blinder.

The razor has easy to change blades, whilst the bowl and stand make it centrepiece for any bathroom. The kit includes: Shaving Brush, Bowl, Razor and Stand.

The Cavendish Premium Shaving Kit costs £54.99 from

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