The G-Series blenders were launched as their top-of-the-line series by Vitamix. They have several models to choose from within the series. We will be contrasting the Vitamix 7500 and 750 Expert today.

You know how that would go for my long-time readers: I will talk about what the two blenders have in general and their variations, and we will show you point-by-point comparisons of the two. Before telling you which is the best choice for you, We will delve deeper into the characteristics and possibilities and solve your problems.

What’s the difference between the 7500 and the 750 Vitamix? Several people are wondering. If you’re like me, except for the model number, you can’t see an apparent distinction.

The most significant difference being Pre-Programmed Configurations

After investigating this more closely, the main change we find that the 750 has five pre-programmed settings that involve cleaning and varying degrees of blending accuracy, in addition to the ten variable speeds and the pulse and constant settings noticed on the 7500.

You can configure them, walk away, and get other, more relevant tasks done with these preset functions.

Benefits of the Preset Settings on the 750

  1. Ease and Versatility

When I want to cook a meal or dish, it used to be necessary to strategically position the blender on the counter so that the stove is within reach of the arm to execute the juggling act of stirring a boiling pot pureeing tomatoes at the same time.

  1. Less Monitoring

This Vitamix blender model now detects when the puree is done and then ends. Add the children’s demands (notice that the markets are plural, right?) When all this is happening, it is much more important that the chef does not have to stand above the blender with any move of the way to press ‘Stop.’

  1. Time-Saving

So, without a doubt, for people with lots of stuff going on in the kitchen at once, this is a perfect time-saver. Is anyone else able to contribute to this? Surely I will.

Additional Variations The Two Versions Between


The price is one important distinction to see.

  • The 7500 is around 529.955 USD,
  • The 750 is around 599.955 USD.
  1. Finalization and Colors

The other variations are not instantly noticeable by looking side by side at the two blenders, primarily online.

750: The 750 was originally only sold in a polished stainless metal finish with specific chrome trim over the front to go together with the additional pre-programmed settings on the dial as a ‘Professional Collection’ product. You will order it now in two different colours: copper metal and black finish. For a total of $649.95, the copper edition adds $50 to the list.

7500: The 7500 has a tidy, simple control panel and comes in black, white, and red.

Popular Advantages of the Newer Vitamix Blender Updates

More Strength

All of the recent releases of Vitamix include a 2.2 horsepower engine, the most powerful motor I’ve seen for home use on blenders. In previous releases, it is 10 percent more than the engine (2 horsepower). This correlates to 1641 watts. The Blendtec Professional Series brand sells a 1560 watt motor, and a 1400 watt motor is available for the Oster Versa model.

Levels of Sound

The Vitamix website says that it uses a quieter style for the latest releases. A lot of speculation has been made about this argument. You should note a decrease in the noise level if you have used a Vitamix blender previously and then used one of these new designs. This is a product of the vibrations dampening technologies applied on these blenders by Vitamix.

Clean Up Is A Process

You only add a few drops of dish soap and warm water after your masterpiece is complete, change the dial to rinse, and walk away. That is, you can walk out the door if you have the preset buttons on the 750, and the blender will immediately stop.