A new album and exhibition by a collective of young artists from Newcastle are to be unveiled at the Star and Shadow Cinema, with an introduction by artist Feliks Culpa.

Evolve is the second album by Reality Boots, a band made up of young Newcastle-based musicians. The album draws on neo-punk, ska, funk, ballad and rock influences, with tracks being produced collaboratively by members of the band, inspired by their experiences of growing up with poverty, uncertainty and feelings of being overwhelmed.

The album is complemented by Void, an exhibition of photographic and film pieces, all exploring the idea of voids as difficulties or comforts in our life journeys.

Peter Saaremets from Skimstone Arts, explains: “Void/Evolve has been produced by members of Skimstone Arts’ Young Artists Collective and their band Reality Boots, and more experienced Echo Artists – diverse groups who explore different art forms individually and together. The album and exhibition have been created simultaneously, with different artists and musicians interpreting the themes of voids and evolution to produce this new body of work.”

Michaela Baird, one of the members of Reality Boots, said: “The album has a range of different styles from punk to rock and rap, to softer and more melodic songs. It’s all original music created by members of the band. The recording process was a lot different to what I expected and I have learned a lot about myself. It’s great to work with the others and collaborate with everyone.”

Evolve was recorded at Blank Studios in Newcastle city centre, with Chris McManus of Blank Studios commenting: “It’s been a pleasure working with the band and its members. They continue to surprise me every session with a thirst to develop their skills and make a great sounding record.”

Reality Boots will perform tracks from Evolve at the launch event and the preview of Void exhibition on Saturday 11 May at the Star and Shadow in Newcastle at 6pm.

The members of Reality Boots are: Nicole Davis (vocals and bass); Michaela Baird (vocals and keyboards); Quinn Green (vocals and keyboard); Darren Johnson (bass); Ben Chilcott (drums); AJ Cadman (keyboards); Peter Saaremets (guitar and bass); Keith Hill (percussion); Tom Spence (keyboards) and Liz Corney (keyboards and vocals). Special guest vocals by Claire Webster Saaremets and rapper, Magpie.

The Void exhibition includes work by Alice Forbes, Quinn Green, Ho-Yin Wong , Ben Chilcott, Nicole Davis, Kieran Myers, Lauren Taylor, Steven Richens and Ryan Barker.

The Void/Evolve launch event is on Saturday 11 May, 6pm – 10:30pm at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Warwick St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1BB. Tickets are £3 and available on the door or in advance via www.skimstone.org.uk.

Skimstone Arts supports diverse artists and those at risk of isolation to create work with, for and about the world that matters to them. Find out more at www.skimstone.org.uk.