• Wagonex launches upgraded version of its pioneering vehicle subscription platform
  • Company’s advanced technology offers dealers a ‘plug-and-play’ in-road to potentially lucrative vehicle subscription revenues
  • Customers could secure an advantage in one of automotive retail’s biggest growth areas
  • Fully scalable service means dealers can choose their own fully-branded subscription site or ‘dip their toe’ by uploading individual models to the Wagonex portal
  • Research shows subscription will account for 10 percent of all new vehicle registrations with the next five years

Automotive technology innovator Wagonex has launched an updated version of its cutting-edge platform, making it easier than ever for dealers to unlock the huge potential of vehicle subscriptions.

The company’s advanced web-based technology offers dealers bespoke ‘plug-and-play’ solutions to open up a potentially lucrative new revenue stream through what is widely seen to be one of the biggest future growth areas in automotive retail.

Everything a dealer needs to get up-and-running, from their own fully-branded online portal, through to insurance brokerage, customer checks, online contract exchange, digital marketing and payment management, can be offered through Wagonex in a single, neat package. All of this can be managed easily, through a seamless and intuitive dealer dashboard.

What’s more, Wagonex’s expert team can set-up a full subscription service for any dealer In a matter of weeks, quickly providing them an additional means of monetising stock. Meanwhile, smaller dealers or those wishing to take smaller steps can quickly and easily upload and market vehicles on Wagonex’s own vehicle subscription portal – www.wagonex.com – the same day.

Research suggests that by 2025, vehicle subscriptions will account for around 10 percent of all car and van registrations1, with traditional offerings such as outright purchase, leasing and PCPs becoming less appealing.  And it’s easy to see why: the average consumer now holds multiple subscriptions for everything from mobile phones and TV streaming services to razor blades and coffee machine cartridges.

When it comes to vehicles, the subscription model offers consumers maximum convenience and flexibility with the minimum of hassle. Customers can browse and order online, handle all insurance and maintenance with the click of a mouse and arrange delivery direct to their own front door. Best of all, there are no big downpayments to make and the ability to choose subscriptions of between one month and 24 months means customers can change their car regularly and always be behind the wheel of the latest model.

Toby Kernon, CEO at Wagonex, said: “All the evidence and research suggests subscription is going to become a bigger and bigger part of the automotive retail mix and Wagonex makes it easy for dealers and dealer groups to get on board.

“These days the market’s more competitive than ever before and every potential customer can shop around to find the deal that’s best for them. It could well be that offering vehicles on a subscription basis could be the difference between moving a vehicle on or it sitting on your forecourt.”

He added: “With the disruption caused by the pandemic and the shift this has brought about in consumer behaviour and confidence, now is the perfect time for dealers of all sizes to begin their journey towards subscriptions.”

For more information about Wagonex’s services or to request a free demo, contact help@wagonex.com